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When To Text A Girl You Just Met?


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OK, now that you know the RIGHT way to get a girl’s number (last post), the BIG QUESTION in your mind is probably…


This is where listening to a lot of the BULLSHIT advices out there by the so-called “dating gurus” is going to get you into a lot of trouble.

See…most of THEM would have you texting a girl for the first time after waiting for THREE DAYS!

This is great advice…IF YOU WANT TO GET IGNORED!

Here’s why.

The longer you wait…the more her attraction for you will evaporate over time.

Plus, attractive girls are being pursue by guys all the time…so you have even more things competing for her attention.

So if you wait a whole 3 days before texting her for the first time…like those JACKASS GURUS would have you do…even if she does remember you…she’ll probably already be talking to some OTHER GUY by then.

So When Is The Best Time To Text A Girl You Just Met?

The best time to initiate a text conversation with a girl is…

WHEN YOU’RE STANDING IN FRONT OF HER (or 5 minutes after you guys parted ways)

Think about it…you already have some attraction and a lot of momentum going in your favor…so why not capitalize on it and send her the first text.

And what do you think the chances are that she’ll reply POSITIVELY to your first text if you sent it right after you guys are done talking?

Yep…damn near 100%!

I mean…she was just talking to you for god’s sake! Of course she’s going to respond back.

And the best part is…this sets up a texting “relationship” between the two of you. It gets her used to the idea of texting back and forth with you.

Now she’ll be MUCH, MUCH more likely to reply to your future text messages…because you two already have a text dialog going on.

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Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

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