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Text Message Magic Trick – A Fun Game To Play With A Girl Over Text

I got a cool little trick to teach you today. It’s a quick and simple magic trick that you can use on any girl, anywhere.

Best part is, it does NOT require any special skills or preparations. And you’ll have the benefit of getting her phone number at the same time!

All you need is a cell phone that can text.

I’ve tried this trick out on the field myself and the reaction I got was amazing.

This video will explain all the details:

Pretty cool huh?

Just practice it a few times and go out and try it yourself. You’ll be surprised at what a great reaction you get.

Now if you’d like to learn more cool tricks like this, check out Brad’s Underground PUA magic course.

It has tons more ninja tricks that are even more powerful than this one. And I guarantee you, they will blow the ladies away.

He made a special presentation to tell you all about it.

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Until next time,
Johnathan M.

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