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Sweet Things To Text A Girl You Like


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Looking for some sweet things to text a girl you like? Well, in this article, I’m going to give you some great sweet text messages to send her.

Again, I don’t take credit for coming up with these lines. I just know that they work.

These sweet text messages are more geared towards girls that you recently met, but you can also modify them for girls that you known and liked for a while.

OK, let’s get to it:

Sweet Text Messages To Send To A Girl

– Sweet dreams, cutie. :-) [Your name]

(This is a short and sweet way to end the night of texting. Note:  use this only if you had a more intimate conversation that built a lot of comfort. If you use it with a girl that haven’t feel comfortable with you yet, you can creep her out a little)

– So bottom line you kinda impressed me tonight…and I don’t get impressed very often. Keep up the good work ;)

(This one is a bit cocky-funny and shows that you are a challenge but also pays her a compliment and shows that you kinda like her)

– Hope you got home safe. [Your name]

(Admittedly this one is a bit generic and won’t set you apart much, but it’s still a good way to initiate a text conversation)

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‘Till next time,

Johnathan M.


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