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How To Get A Girl’s Number – A Guide To Getting A Girl’s Phone Number


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Alrite, before we start diggin’ into all of the super “ninja” text and phone game techniques that I’m going to teach you…

…we need to make sure that YOU know…

The Right Way To Get Girls Numbers

If you ain’t got the digits, then you can’t play the text game, right?

So what’s the BEST way to ask for a girl’s number?

Well…here’s what NOT to do:

Most guys ask for the phone number with the mindset that he is trying to GET something from her. He’ll ask for it as if he’s trying to get a loan from a bank…

“Well…if it’s OK with you…I was wondering…if you could..”

DON’T DO THAT. If you are currently doing this…STOP IT!

You should ask for the phone number confidently…as if you expect her to give it to you.


And be casual about it too. Act as if you’re the kind of guy who just gets numbers from girls all the time and it’s no big deal.

Here’s a GREAT way to think about it: Just ask for her number in the same way you would ask someone to “pass the salt.”

If you make a big fuss about asking for her number…it will make her think that you are the kind of guy who might not deserve it.

Make sense, right?

Here’s An Example Of How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

Let’s say you’re talking to a girl and things are going well.

At some point in the conversation, smile and say…

“You know what…you’re actually pretty cool. Here, punch in you’re number.” (Then hand her your phone.)

The key here is to use a tone of voice that implies that you’ve been sizing her up from the beginning and that she passed you’re test.

This will establish you as the person of higher value.

Just say this with confident and it will work. Trust me.

Practice it a few times alone if you need too.

Here’s another key point. Once you hand her your phone,

“Oh, and give me your phone…I’ll give you my number.”

Then program your number into her phone using a funny
nickname for yourself.

Something like…[YOUR NAME] Big Sexy

…or [YOUR NAME] Super Stud

Why is having YOUR number in HER phone important?

Well, most hot girls won’t pick up calls from strange numbers.

So by having your number in her phone (so that your name will show up whenever you call or text), you will INSTANTLY set yourself apart from all other guys.

Also, it will give her an unconscious feeling of comfort and familiarity with you.

She’ll think…”I must like this guy because I got his number in my phone.”

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A Big Mistake That 99% Of Guys Make When Getting Girls Phone Numbers

Now after she gives you her number, don’t do what 99% of guys out there do and…


Most guys think, “Sweet! I’m done. I got her number. Time to go.” Right?


This is a big mistake and it can cause her to FLAKE on you down the line.

Here’s why…

For one, it leaves a “bad taste in her mouth” because it makes it seem like you were only there to get the number.

…Like it was some kind of “trophy” or something.

I mean, if you guys were hitting it off…then getting the number would just be a natural part of the conversation…not the end result, right?

Secondly, by leaving right after the “number close”, you are making your job much hard later on.

I mean…think about it.

You already have some emotional momentum going with this girl…so why not stick around a little longer and build some more comfort and attraction?

The more of a connection you can create NOW…the LESS you’ll have to do…and the EASIER the work will be LATER.

Plus, the more you find out about her…the more material you will have to work with to start a conversion with her later.

So next time you get a girl’s number, instead of just leaving right afterward, stick around and continue the conversation for a little longer.

Trust me…almost NO GUY out there is doing this…and she’ll be so PLEASANTLY surprised by it that her attraction for you will spike even more.

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Alright, I’ll let you digest all the great stuff I’ve just given you and put it into good use.

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

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