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Magic Tricks To Impress Girls – PUA Magic Tricks To Attract Girls

I just found this crazy video of a dude using a simple mind reading trick to pick up 3 super hot girls. Their reactions are priceless.

Watch this video:

Wanna know that craziest thing about this video. What they guy did to those guys …YOU CAN DO TOO!

Nothing breaks the ice, sets you apart from all the other guys in the bar or clubs, and create insane amount of attraction then a simple but mind-blowing magic trick like the one in this video.

The problem is, not just any magic trick will do. Traditional magic tricks won’t work to attract girls. If you go out with a deck of card and a rabbit in a hat, you’ll just look like a try-hard loser.

You need PUA magic tricks. Things that you can do quickly in a bar or club, without much preparation and setups.

Luckily, there’s a new course that does just that. Check it out here:

===>Simply Magic Tricks That Will Blow Girls Mind

It’s from a guy who routinely uses cool tricks like the one in the video to get tons of hot guys to chase him. He knows his stuff inside and out and he’s willing to let you in on all this best tricks.

I’m sure he won’t keep this deal open for long (wouldn’t you?) so go check it out before it’s too late NOW:

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Until Next Time,
Johnathan M.


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