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The Truth About Women In Online Dating

Online dating is filled with gorgeous, sexy, single women. That’s for sure.

But there’s a dirty little secret about these women that most guys don’t know.

And once you know this “secret”, you’ll have an advantage over all the other guys in online dating …as well as the women too!

If you’d like to learn how a regular guy like Dave is able to just throw up an online profile and within days gets dozens and dozens of email from hot, single women begging to go out with him, go here.

You’ll discover the exact system that he, and thousands of other average guys, uses to attract women online like clockwork.

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Johnathan M.

The Secret To Making Women Chase You

Most guys try too hard to get the girls.

But just a few tweaks to you behavior will actually turn the table and get women to chase you instead.

Here’s an explanation of how it works and how to do it …straight from the mouth of two very attractive girls themselves.

If you want the benefits of having these two “wing girls” by your side, telling you exactly what you need to do to get that woman you want …

…then you need to check out their new course, “Wing Girl Secrets: Secrets Of Seducing Women“.

It’s filled with insider’s knowledge of how women REALLY think and how you can use that to your advantage and blow all other guys out of the water.

Go here to check it out:

===> Learn How To Attract Women From 2 Attractive Women Themselves!


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How To Use The “Fear Of Rejection” To Make A Woman Like You

Women likes to feel attractive and wanted.

Here how to use this fact when you are talking to a woman to trigger her need to make you like her.

In this video, you’ll learn how to talk to a woman and ask her questions that will cause her to want to please you and try to get your approval.

Check it out:

If you want to get more attraction tactics and techniques that takes advantage of the female psychology, go read this really provoking article right here:

===> /attraction-secrets-article


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Johnathan M.

Secret Signals That Women Use To Communicate In Dating

Women have secret signals that they use to communicate with each others.

Often, they are using these signals to talk to each other about YOU!

But when you know what these signals are, you’ll know what’s going on “behind-the-scene” and you’ll have a huge edge over these women.

Watch this video to find out what they are:

If you want to learn more about the secret body language that women use to talk to each other …and use it to your advantage in the seduction game, check this out:



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Johnathan M.

How To Tell If A Woman Wants You To Approach Her

Did you know that women send of signals to let guys know when they WANT you to come and talk to them?

Even more interesting …they will send off signals to let you know when they DON’T want to be approach.

Watch this video to find out what these signals are and how to spot them.

If you want to learn more about the secret body language of women …and use it to your advantage in the seduction game, check this out:

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Johnathan M.

A Simple 3-Step Formula For Approaching A Woman

Ever wonder how women would want you to approach them?

In this video, the Wing Girls will give you a simple 3-step formula for approaching a woman in a way that will get her to respond to you.

You’ll learn…

– How to deal with approach anxiety and the fear of rejection

– Great opening lines to use to talk to a woman

How women have insecurities and fear of rejection too!

If you want to get more insights about the female mind and what they REALLY respond to in a guy, check out this interesting article

===> What Women *Secretly* Wished YOU Knew About How To Sexually Stimulate, Bring Out Her**WILD SIDE**  & Get Her To Bed…


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Johnathan M.


How To Start A Conversation With Women

Ever wonder what goes on inside a woman’s head?

In this video, the Wing Girls is going to give you an inside look at how women think, what they are thinking about, and how to use this knowledge to strike up a conversation with a woman that will immediately get her attention.

Watch it here:

These are things that women will NEVER tell you, but once you know them, you’ll have an edge over all the other clueless guys.

If you want to get more inside secrets about women and how to attract them that most guys will never know, check this out

===> Secrets To Attracting Women That No Man Can Tell You


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Johnathan M.

Online Dating Tip – How To Get A Woman’s Phone Number

When meeting a women online, your goal should be to get her number so that you can call her up, instead of having to compete with all the other emails in her inbox.

In this video, Dave is going to show you a surefire way to get a woman’s phone number after you emailed her.

If you are read to unleash the power of online dating and meet hundreds of sexy women with the push of a button …

…then check out this special presentation. In it, you’ll discover how you can use simple copy-and-paste messages that have been tested and proven to work to get laid like crazy.

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Online Dating Tip: 6 Step Formula For Emailing A Woman

Knowing how to email a women to get her to respond is one of the most important skill of online dating.

In this video, Dave M will show you his secret 6 step formula for email a woman that almost always gets a response.

Just follow this simple formula and you’ll be able to get a woman’s attention, stir her curiosity, and get her to chase you!

Want to learn how Dave is able to date playboy playmates, football cheerleaders, and literally hundreds of beautiful women, WITHOUT ever going to a loud bar or club …or even stepping out of his house?

He shows you exactly how he does it in this new course. You’ll get the exactly blueprint he uses so you can replace the same success with women over and over again.

GO HERE to get all the juicy details about what’s inside this course and get some more great tips about online dating in the process.

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Johnathan M.

Awesome PUA Routine – The 5 Questions Game

Girls LOVE games. And a great way to be playful and flirtatious with a girl is to play a game with her.

Here’s a GREAT game that you can play with any girl, any where, and anytime.

And it’s pretty much GUARANTEED to make her laughing and flirting with you. Check it out.

I’ve played this game with girls so many times when I go out and every single time I’ve gotten a great reaction. In fact, most of the time, I’ve gotten at least a number or a kiss.

If you want to learn more games and tactics to attract women, go here.

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Johnathan M.

What To Put In Your Online Dating Profile Picture

Want to know the one thing to put in your online dating profile picture that will make a women pay attention to you?

Want to know the one thing women say they HATE in men’s online profile picture?

Or how to use your picture to show that you are a fun and interesting guy?

This video will answer all these questions and a lot more. Check it out:

Dave M has compiled tons of great information like these to give you an HUGE edge in online dating.

He spent YEARS of non-stop testing and tweaking to uncover these golden nuggets and now he’s going to hand all his results to you on a silver platter.

Go here to find out how to get ALL of Dave’s best online dating secrets.

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Johnathan M.

The Wing Girls – Common Mistakes Men Make Approaching Women

Ever heard of the “Wing Girls”?

Well, these girls are pretty cool and in this video they are going to go over a common mistake that most guys make that causes them to fail at meet the kind of women that they really want.

Check it out:

If you want to get more dating tips from the Wing Girls and learn how to attract women with their insider’s knowledge, go here …

===> Get The Insider’s Secrets To Attracting Women

Until next time,
Johnathan M.


Mistakes Men Makes When Setting Up Online Dating Profiles

Most guys gets it all wrong when setting up their online dating profile.

In this video, you’ll learn the simple tweak to make to your profile that will cause women to be curious and want to get to know you.

You’ll also discover why your profile is a lot less important than you think and what you should be focusing on instead.

Life you’d like to learn more about how to create a perfect online dating profile that will get responses from women like crazy …

…and how to craft a great email that will practically force a women to reply and ask to go out with you …

…then check out this FREE presentation that Dave M. just put up.

===> Watch This Presentation On How To Attract Women Online


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Intro To Online Dating – What Kind Of Women Can You Expect To Meet?

If you are a guy and you haven’t looked into online dating yet …what the heck are you waiting for?!

There are TONS of beautiful women online and the competition from other men are non-existence. Most guys don’t know what they are doing.

In this video, my pal Dave M, an internet dating guru, is going to give you a few killer tips on how to contact a women who has a super hot profile picture and get her attention.

He’ll also dis spell some common myth about online dating and tell you what kind of women you can expect to meet online.

===> Want To Learn More About How To Attract Women Online? CLICK HERE

If you are reading to get into the online dating game and meet tons of attractive women without even leaving your house …

…then you should check out Dave M’s Insider Internet Dating course.

In it, he’ll give you all his best tips, tricks, and techniques that took him years of testing to develop.

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Johnathan M.

Dating Tips For Men – 7 Big Mistakes Men Make With Women

Ever met a girl you really like and then you do something stupid to screw it up? Me too.

Hell, we all been there.

And you know what’s to blame right?

Yep. It’s your emotions.

Well, in this video, my friend Bobby is going to walk you through the 7 Biggest EMOTIONAL mistakes that us guys make all the time with girls.

These 7 mistakes are the reason we screw it up just when it matters the most. So pay close attention so you can avoid them.

7 Big Emotional Mistakes You Make With Women

===> Check Out Bobby’s New Dating Course For Men

I know guys who are stuck for YEARS, not being able to have the kind of women that they want just because they consistently make one of these 7 mistakes.

And if you found that you are guilty of one of them, then Bobby just potentially saved you years of heart-ache and frustration.

That’s the power of having a great dating coach in your corner. And Bobby is one of the best.

If you want to learn more about how to be that attractive guy around women who always says the right thing, then check out Bobby’s new dating course.

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Get Out Of The Friend Zone – Mistakes That Lands You In The Friend Zone

Have you ever found yourself in the dreaded “FRIEND ZONE” with a girl you really like?

Did you know that showing a girl that you are “boyfriend” material is actually BAD?

Did you know that the more a girl likes you, the less likely she is to sleep with you?

Yeah, most guys don’t. But it’s true.

Watch this new video. It explains everything.

Avoiding The Friend Zone

===> How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone And Turn Her Into A Lover. Go Here!

The truth is, attracting a girl is not logical. It’s counter-intuitive.

And so relying on common sense will not help you succeed. You need someone who knows what to do. Who have been there and done that.

Well, Bobby Rio has been there and he has help thousands of guys just like you get there too.

And now he is willing to give you the road map that took him years to develop.

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Until next time,
Johnathan M.

How To Be An Alpha Male – An Analysis Of Alpha Male Traits

We all know that alpha males get all the girls.

But being an alpha male is not about being the biggest, meanest guy on the block. It’s actually the opposite.

I was just looking over some old videos and I found this awesome clip of David DeAngelo breaking down some alpha male traits and characteristics in a movie scenes.

It’s extremely fascinating and entertaining to watch these movie clips and hear his analysis of how to be an alpha male.

Make sure you watch the movie clips carefully because they will give you some great insights into the alpha males traits that women find so attractive.

A Video Analysis of Alpha Male Traits

===> Learn More About How To Be An Alpha Male That Gets All The Girls

Being an alpha males doesn’t mean you have to be a 7 foot tall muscle head that wrestle polar bears.It’s all about your attitude.

Even if you are a short, scrawny guy but you have the right attitude, you’ll still be the most alpha guy in the room. And all the girls will flock to you.

Acquiring this attitude doesn’t have to be hard either. It just takes a few small shifts.

This video explains it all and reveals the secret to becoming a total badass, alpha male.

===>Watch This To Learn The Secret Of Becoming A Total Badass


Until next time,
Johnathan M.


Why A Girl Doesn’t Text You Back

If you are having problem, getting a girl to text you back then you are probably doing THIS wrong.

Watch this video to find out what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.

Mistakes That Cause A Girl To Not Text You Back

===> Click Here To Discover How To Write Texts That Make A Girl Like You

Want to learn how to write text messages that ignites a women’s emotion and spark irresistible attraction to you?

It’s actually pretty simple …once you know the RIGHT text to send.

Go here to learn the magic sequence of text messages to send a girl that will have her eager to meet up with you for a hot hate …and a lot more.

===> Discover The Magic Text Sequence That Turn Girls On


Until next time,
Johnathan M.

Lose Weight By Cheating On Your Diet?

You can lose weight, burn fat, and build muscles by cheating on your diet and eating your favorite food.

It might sound crazy but it’s true and my friend Jon Benson has been saying it for years.

Well, now there’s scientific PROOF to back him up. Check it out:

===> Watch This Presentation For An In Depth Explanation Of How This Works

If you want to learn more about how the Every Other Day Diet can help you burn fat and get more rip …while eating your favorite food, go watch this video Jon just put up.

It explains in detail how this actually works. This is NOT some diet gimmick, it really does work.

And you’ll be blown away when you hear the explanation.

===> Learn How To Burn Fat Without Dieting


Until next time,
Johnathan M.

How To Please A Woman In Bed – Advice From 2 Porn Stars

If you are looking to become better in bed, then there’s no better advice to listen to than that of a girl.

Well, in today’s video, I got TWO super hot porn stars Kelly Surfer & Eden Adams to give you some great tips for how to be a better lover.

You’ll get in inside look at exactly what girls want in the bedroom.

And it’s NOT what you think.

Just do a few of the things they are about to tell you and you’ll blow her mind in bed.

Pleasing Your Woman In Bed –  A Few Great Tips

If you want to learn things about how to please a woman in bed that only a girl can know …go here NOW:

===> 2 Hot Girls Reveals The Secret To Being Great In Bed

I have to warn you though, this is not for the faint of heart. Some of the things revealed here might shock you.

In fact, it’s probably not safe for work. Wait until you have some time to yourself and go here:

===> Warning: Do Not Read This If You Are Easily Offended

You don’t want to miss it. Trust me.


Until next time,
Johnathan M.

How To Keep A Girl Interested – Beating Girls At Their Own Game

Ever been talking to a girl and suddenly she “goes cold” and you don’t know what happens? Are you confused and frustrated by all the games that girls play?

If you said “YES” then you need to watch this video.

It reveals a weird insight into the female psychology and explain why they do some of the weird things that they do.

It’s explain the strange reason why girls are attracted to jerks and show you how to exploit that fact to get hot girls to fight over you.

This is some great EYE-OPENING stuff! Watch and learn.

How Beating Girls At Their Own Game

===> Get Even More Great Insight On How To Attract Women. Go Here

Want to learn more about how to have more fun, engaging, sexual conversations with women…without ever having to worry about what to say next or awkwardly stalling out?

Then you need to check out Bobby’s course “Make Small Talk Sexy

It’s one of the best that I’ve ever seen and once you have it, you’ll never have to worry about what to say to a girl again.

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Until next time,
Johnathan M.

The Secret To Being Lucky (A Bizarre Social Experiment)

Have you ever wonder why some people just seem to be lucky their whole life?

Everything falls into place for them and things just seem to work out. While other people fumble through life with the worse luck and nothing good ever seems to happen to them.

Well, our friend Derren Brown wanted to answer this question once and for all. He sets up a bizarre social experiment.

An experiment that involved a local town and it’s residents. An experiment that started with a plain old statue and ended with one person risking his entire life-savings on one roll of a dice.

And in the course of all this, we discover the real secret of being luck and getting what you want out of life.

Sit back and enjoy this video …it just might change your life.

So there you have it. That’s the real secret to being lucky.

Now I want you to ask yourself …how many lucky opportunities in your life have you overlooked?

Was it that cute girl that you just couldn’t approach? Or that great job that you never went for? How would your life be different now if you had taken action and gone after them?

Maybe you could have your arms around that dream girl right now as you’re reading this. Or maybe you could be in that dream job that you love.

I don’t know.

My point is, how lucky or un-lucky you are is up to you.

If you’re ready to make some chances in your life and create your own luck, here’s a good place to start.

It’s a pretty compelling story of how a desperate geek turned his life around and is now living a rock star lifestyle with women.

He’s going to share with you how he did it and how you can do it to.

===> How To Create Your Own Luck & Change Your Life


Until next time,
Johnathan M.

How To Make Women Orgasm – 5 Types Of Female Orgasms

You are about to discover something about how to give women orgasms that most guys will never know.

Did you know that there are actually 5 different kinds of female orgasm?

Most guys have NO CLUE that these types of orgasms even exists. Then again, most guys suck in bed.

But when you learn what’s inside this video, you’ll immediately gain a huge advantage over almost all guys out there.

If you want to be a great in bed, then you need to know the different kinds of orgasms that you can give her.

Watch this now:

The 5 Different Types Of Female Orgasms

===> Learn How To Give A Girl A Squirting Orgasm Here

Here’s some of the important points to remember:

– There are 5 types of orgasms that a girl can have. The first is a Clitoral Orgasm. This is the most common type of female orgasm and is usually achieved with you using your finger, tongue, or a vibrator. Most of the orgasms that you’ve given a girl falls into this category.

The second type is a “G-Spot” Orgasm, also known as an internal or deep spot orgasm. This one is brought on by stimulating the G-spot. Because the G-spot is inside of her body, this give her more of a full body sensation orgasm. This one is usually brought on by regular, penetrating sex.

Number 3 is the Simultaneous Orgasm. This is when a girl experience a Clitoral and G-spot Orgasm AT THE SAME TIME. The hardest part about this one is getting the timing right. It has to be perfect otherwise it’s a no deal.

The next is the Multiple Orgasm. This is when a girl has a G-spot or Clitoral Orgasm multiple times, one after another.

And lastly there’s the Squirting Orgasm. This one is the Holy Grail of female orgasm. It’s by far the best one but unfortunately most women never experienced one in their life. They don’t even know what they are missing.

If you can give a girl a Squirting Orgasm, you will become, quite literally, the BEST SHE EVER HAD.

It doesn’t matter how big you are, how long you last, or how little sexual experience you have.

Hell, even if you do EVERYTHING ELSE wrong …as long as you can make her squirt, she’ll still be raving about what a sex god you are.

If you want to learn how to have the kind of super power in bed, go watch this presentation IMMEDIATELY:

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Until next time,
Johnathan M.



What To Talk To Girls About – 3 Great Topics To Use When Talking To A Girl

If you’ve ever struggle to come up with things to talk about when you’re with a girl you like, then you’re not alone.

Being able to maintain a fun conversation with a girl is a must have skill if you want to be successful with women.

Luckily, my pal Bobby Rio just did a great tutorial video on how to talk to girls.

In this video, he’ll give you 3 great themes that you can use whenever you are with a girl and don’t know where to stir the conversation. He’ll show you how to always keep a conversation lively and exciting to keep her on her toes and attraction levels sky-high.

He’ll also give you some great word-for-word lines that are absolutely BRILLIANT …that you can use. Enjoy!

3 Great Topics To Talk With A Girl

===> Go Here To Learn More About How To Talk To Girls

If you’d like this video and want to learn more about how to talk to a girl, then you need to check out this video presentation Bobby did called, Make Small Talk Sexy

He’ll give you even more great tips and trick for talking to girl and making her go crazy for you. You’ll never be at a lost for words when talking to a girl again.

===> Go Watch This Presentation NOW


Until next time,
Johnathan M.

How To Develop A Sense Of Humor …And Have Fun Doing It!

We all know that humor is one of the most attractive quality that women look for in men.

Well, if you are not naturally funny then you need to develop a sense of humor. And the BEST way to develop a sense of humor, is to watch A LOT of funny shit.

Well, here’s a big pile of funny shit!

I found this really cool comedy video channel while surfing on YouTube and I complied a bunch of my favorite clips for you here.

These are movie parodies called, “How It Should Have Ended.” They have that perfect blend of witty and sarcastic humor that is perfect for attracting women. Guaranteed to stroke the hell out of your funny bone.

(Oh by the way, these videos are movie parodies so it’s a lot funnier if you’ve actually seen the movie that they are spoofing. Most of these are big time blockbusters so that shouldn’t be a problem. But in case you haven’t seen a particular movie yet, don’t watch the video yet. Wait ’till you watched the movie in question and then come back.)

Watch, laugh your ass off, and learn a thing or two. Enjoy!

How “300″ Should Have Ended


How “The Dark Knight” Should Have Ended


How “Iron Man” Should Have Ended

Pretty freakin’ gut-busting huh?

Well, this is the exact brand of humor that women loves. A mixture of wit, sarcasm, pop-culture reference, and irreverence. It spikes attraction like crazy.

It might seem like you just have to be naturally funny to come up with jokes that these but it’s not true. Anyone can develop a killer sense of humor and learn how to be funny.

Professional stand-up comedians do it all the time.

And if you’re ready learn to be funny and become the life of the party, this is a great place to start …

===> Click Here To Learn How To Be Funny


Until next time,
Johnathan M.





Best Text Messages To Send To A Girl

So, do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with something interesting to text to a girl? If so, then you are going to love this video.

In this video, my friend Bobby lays out the one thing you should always aim for when sending a girl a text. I bet most guys never even think about this!

He’ll give you a whole frame work for how to think of killer text messages to send a girl that will practically get her addicted to your text messages.

This is good stuff, so make sure you pay close attention:

Best Texts To Send A Girl

=====> Click Here To Watch The More In Depth Texting Advice Video <=====

Here’s some important things to remember:

Focus on creating emotion in a girl using your text messages. Instead of thinking, “What should I write?” Ask yourself, “Which emotion do I want to create with my text?”

– Women LOVE emotion. And if you learn how to stir emotions in a girl, she can become emotionally addicted to you!

– Here’s some the emotional responses that you might want to stir in a woman: laughter, suspense, anger, confusion, anticipation, joy, disappointment, trust, or fear.

– Emotion are very powerful, even negative ones. For example, even though a girl might be angry at you, that means she is thinking about you. And you can channel that anger and turns it into sexual attraction.

Now if you’d like to get more great insights into how to text a girl, you need to go watch this other video Bobby has put up:

===> Weird Video Reveals The “Magnetic Messaging” System For Texting Girls

Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

Until next time,
Johnathan M.


Text Message Magic Trick – A Fun Game To Play With A Girl Over Text

I got a cool little trick to teach you today. It’s a quick and simple magic trick that you can use on any girl, anywhere.

Best part is, it does NOT require any special skills or preparations. And you’ll have the benefit of getting her phone number at the same time!

All you need is a cell phone that can text.

I’ve tried this trick out on the field myself and the reaction I got was amazing.

This video will explain all the details:

Pretty cool huh?

Just practice it a few times and go out and try it yourself. You’ll be surprised at what a great reaction you get.

Now if you’d like to learn more cool tricks like this, check out Brad’s Underground PUA magic course.

It has tons more ninja tricks that are even more powerful than this one. And I guarantee you, they will blow the ladies away.

He made a special presentation to tell you all about it.

====> Go Watch It Now

Until next time,
Johnathan M.

Ask Girls Out By Text – How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

Don’t even think about asking a girl out over text until you watch this video.

In it, my friend Bobby and Rob reveals some shocking misconceptions about how to ask a girl out. Most guys are guilty of it and they end up shooting themselves in the foot.

Make sure you watch this video so you can avoid all these big mistakes:

Asking A Girl Out By Text Message

Here’s some important points to remember:

– Asking a girl out is NOT a formal event. Don’t do it the old fashion way. When you put too much effort into just asking a girl out, you are sending the wrong signals to her and to yourself. Think about it in a MUCH more casual way.

Think of the “date” as you doing something fun and you are inviting her to come along. That way, if she turns you don’t or can’t make it, it’s a rejection to you and you can continue to “invite her out” without it getting weird.

– Keeping in touch with a girl with periodic “mini-invitations” to go out and be great. Because you never know when your or her situation will change and they can turn romantic very quickly.

– If you ask a girl out and she turns you down, it’s not a reflection on you. It could just be that her situation did not allow for a “yes”. Her answer could be completely different, if you ask her at another time when her mood or situation is different. That’s why it’s important to casually “ping” a girl with small texts and invitations.

Just don’t think things too seriously and it’s hard for you to go wrong.

Now these great tips are just the tip of the iceberg of what Rob and Bobby has to teach you.

In fact, the made a much more depth video that explains their whole “Magnetic Messaging” system for texting girls.

===> Go Watch It Now

This video lays out their entire system of how they are able to get attractive girls out onto dates and back into their bedrooms, all using simple (but extremely effective) text messages.

You won’t believe how wickedly simple and effective it is when you hear it:

===> Get The Full Story On The “Magnetic Messaging” System. CLICK HERE!


Until next time,
Johnathan M.



7 Deadly Texting Mistakes (What NOT To Text Girls)

If you want to learn how to text a girl, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve got something really cool for you today. My friend Bobby Rio and Rob Judge (two texting Jedi) just put together this awesome presentation on the 7 Biggest Mistakes guys make when texting a girl.

In this presentation, they reveal some really great tips and insights on how to text a girl. The information you are about to get is worth at least $50 on it’s own, but today, you’ll get to watch it for FREE.

I don’t know how long they’ll keep this up so make sure you watch it RIGHT NOW:

Special Presentation:
7 Deadly Texting Mistakes (what NOT to text girls)

Alright! I hope you got a lot out of that.

Now if you’d like to learn more about texting girls from Bobby and Rob, go get their Magnetic Messaging course right now:

===> Get An Inside Look At The “Magnetic Messaging” System

After going though this course, you’ll know more about text game than 99.99% of guys out there and become a true texting Jedi.

Go get the course now before the price goes up:

===> Learn The Secrets Of Texting Girls


Until next time,
Johnathan M.

3 Rules For Text Flirting – How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Hey, I got a new video for you from our friend Bobby Rio.

In this video, he’ll be talking about the 3 golden rules of flirting with a girl over text. Follow these 3 rules and you’ll do great.

He’ll also be giving you some great word-for-word texting examples that you can use right now. So you might want to take notes:

The 3 Rules Of Flirting Over Text

=====> Click Here To Watch The More In Depth Texting Advice Video <=====

Here’s some key points to take away:

– Every message you send should have a playful and flirtatious tone to it. You should always aim to demonstrate the fun side of your personality. Your text messages should give the impression that you live a fun and adventurous life.

– Banter back and forth with her, but try to leave the interaction on a high note. You can do that by just stop texting her back or end it with a simple, “Talk later”

Rule #1 of text flirting: Every text should offer her something. That means no more boring texts like, “Hey what’s up?” or “How you doin’?” Instead, try a more interesting text like, “Stop thinking about me” or “You just popped into my head. Thought I’d say hi”

Rule #2: Keep it short, playful, and flirty when texting a girl. Texting is not a way for you to get to know each other. Instead, think of it as a way to give her a sneak peak at you as a guy. This means using a flirty tone and teasing her …making her smile. A good text to try is, “Is it too soon for casual text? I mean, I just met you. Maybe we should wait.”

Rule #3: Using the Push/Pull principle of flirting. When things are predictably, they become boring. When things are uncertain, it gets exciting. Change up your respond time to her text. This gives her a chance to anticipate your text and think about you.

Now if you’d like to learn more about how to text girl from Bobby, go watch that special presentation he was talking about.

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Until next time,
Johnathan M.


How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Naturally

Looking for a natural way to last longer in bed?

Every guy struggle with this problem at one time or another so there’s no shame in it. And let’s face it, sex is a lot more fun when you can last longer and not have to stop and go every 30 seconds.

Here’s a great exercise that will help develop your stamina and allow you to last for as long as you want.

In fact, this very exercise allowed the guy in the video to go from only being able to last for 30 seconds to being able to go for as long as he wants.

Really great tips and techniques. Check it out:

Great Way For Men To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

Key points to remember:

The first step is to recognize your where your arousal level is. Try to put a number to it so that it’s clear and measurable. Use a 1 – 10 scale. 1 being not arouse at all and 10 is your about to blow your load. Find the spot where you feel like you are about to cum but can stop if you wanted to. That’s the sweet spot.

– Then practice by masturbating while being aware of your arousal level. Get to the point where you are just on the edge of cumming. Then really slow down your stroking and bring your arousal level back a few points. Do this 10 times.

– One thing that really help you maintain control is to breath while doing this. Take deep breath in your nose and out your mouth. You want to engage your diaphragm (belly) when breathing. That means your belly should be getting bigger as you are breathing in and getting smaller as you breath out.

– Do not think about how long you are lasing. Instead just focus on the breath.

Practice this every day for about a week and you will see a drastic increase in your stamina.

Once you master this ability to last in bed, it will increase your sexual confident like nothing else. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself with a girl without having to worry about if you’re going to cum to fast.

And it makes it A LOT easier to please her in bed too!

If you want to learn more about how to achieve truly great stamina from a guy who can last forever with some of the hottest women in the world, go here NOW:

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This video presentation reveals an awesome secret that male porn stars use to have truly superman stamina. Learn what they know. Go here and watch it:

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Until next time,
Johnathan M.



Best Way To Text A Girl – The 4 Rules Of Texting Girls

In this video, you’re going to learn how to use text messages to get a girl to think about you non-stop and to build more and more sexual attraction towards you with every text you send.

My friend Bobby is also going to lay out his personal rules that he uses when texting a girl. Enjoy!

How To Flirt Over Text With A Girl

=====> Click Here To Watch The More In Depth Texting Advice Video <=====

Here’s a quick break down of the video:

– The rules of texting girls. Rule #1: Be inconsistency with you texting. Predictability kills attraction and unpredictably creates it. So mix it up and keeps her guessing and wanting more.

Rule #2: Always be appearing to have a good time. You want her to associate you and your text with fun and excitement. Therefore, you should text her when you are actually having a good time yourself. This will show through in you text message. Try to avoid complaining and whining.

Rule #3: Keep your messages short and flirtatious. Make them fun. Something that will make her smile. A great way to do this is to tease her with humor. Use the text messages to remind her that you are a fun guy and keep attraction levels up.

Rule #4: Use text to keep yourself in her mind. The more a girl thinks about, the more likely she is to convince herself that she is attracted to you.

If you like these texting tips and want to learn more, go check out this depth texting advice video. In it, Bobby reveals his infamous “Magnetic Messaging” system for getting beautiful girls to crave his text messages like a junkie hooked on drugs.

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Until next time,
Johnathan M.



When To Text A Girl – The Myth About When To Send The First Text

If you ever wonder about when is the best time to text a girl, then you’re going to like this video.

In this video, and friend Bobby and Rob dis-spell a very common and destructive myth about when you should text a girl.

They’ll also show you how you should think about texting a girl for the first time. Watch and take notes:

When To Send The First Text

Here’s some take away points to remember:

– When it comes to “when to text a girl”, there really isn’t any rule. There’s no “Golden Period of Time” to wait before you text her. It’s better to focus your energy on what to text her because the content of your text message will a more impact than the timing.

– When in doubt, texting her sooner is better than texting her later.

Now if you’d like to get more great tips on how to text a girl, go watch this special presentation that Bobby made.

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In this video, he’ll reveal his secret system for how he’s able to get tons of hot girls out on date and into his bed, with just a few simple text messages.

===> Watch This Before He Takes It Down


Until next time,
Johnathan M.

How To Start Texting A Girl – Starting A Text Conversation With A Girl

Alright! So in today’s post, we are going to talk about how to start a texting conversation with a girl.

If you always struggled with getting a girl to text you back or don’t know what to say to get a girl engaged, this is the video for you.

I go my friend Rob Judge and Bobby Rio to create this awesome video where they go over their best tips and tactics.

Check it out:

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Over Text

===> Click Here To Learn More About How To Text Girls

I hope you got a lot out of that.

Here’s some take away points:

The way you start a conversation with a girl via text is different from how you would do it in person. There’s less of a need for the normal “small talk”. You can just jump right in and assume a fun and playful vibe.

– Don’t send her pointless text that doesn’t say anything and doesn’t give her anything to respond to. Give her a bit of your personality and  a commentary about you and your day.It makes the text more interesting and give her something to respond to.

– Before sending a girl the first text, ask yourself, “When she reads this text …would does it make it easy for her to respond back?” Or does it make her say, “OK. What am I suppose to say to that?” If a girl has to think too hard to come up with a response, then she probably won’t text back. Remember, in the beginning, you want to make it easy for her to engage with you.

– When texting a girl, don’t go backward into the awkward phase of getting to know each other. Jump through that and just talk to her as if there’s already attraction and comfort and that’s how she’s going to respond back to you.

Rob and Bobby are two of the best text game seducers in the world. And if you want to learn more of about their girl-texting magic, go watch this special presentation that Bobby made:

===> Special Presentation: Bobby Rio’s Secret To Texting Girls

In this video, he’ll show you how to turn a girl on and get her out on a date …using just 3 simple text messages. You don’t want to miss what’s he’s going to say.

Go watch the video here:

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Until next time,
Johnathan M.





A Cool Coin Trick That Fooled Einstein (Explained)

I got something really cool for you today. It’s a super simple coin trick that will take about about 5 minutes to learn …but it will make you look like the smartest guy in the room when you show it to people.

In fact, you’ll looked like you are a super-human computer. Like “Rain Man” status.

This trick is so wicked, it’s been rumored that it even fooled the great Albert Einstein.

Don’t worry, this video explains it all. Watch it now:

The Coin Trick So Wicked It Fooled Albert Einstein

Pretty wicked huh? The key to this trick is in the delivery.

You really want to sell that idea that you are actually listening to the coins and doing calculations in your head. You might want to practice it a few times.

But once you got that down …boy, there is no faster way to build attraction and intrigue with a girl. Women LOVES smart men.

And even if she knows that it was just a trick, you still seem like the smartest guy in the room. Like you know things that other guys don’t.

Major attraction spikes!

Anyway, if you want more cool trick like this to make you look like a complete badass …check this out.

This underground presentation won’t be up for very long and not a lot of guys will get the chance to watch it, so make sure you go watch the whole thing while you still can.

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Until next time,

Johnathan M.



How To Eat Out A Girl – Female Pornstars Reveals How To Give A Girl Oral Sex …The Right Way

Most guys THINK they know how to eat out a girl. Well, if you are one of those guys, you might be in for a surprise when reading this post.

Here’s a great video of two girl porn stars giving you an insider perspective on how to really go down a girl the right way.

They revealed some pretty shocking misconceptions a lot of guys have about giving a girl oral sex.

If you ever wanted to learn how to rock a woman world in bed, then you need to watch this video and pay close attention:

How To Give Oral Sex To A Girl The Right Way

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I hope you took notes. I know I did.

Here’s the biggest takeaways:

–  Don’t try to take points on how to go down on a girl from guys in porn. What they are doing is for the sake of the camera and it pretty much does nothing for the girl that they are eating out.

– When it comes to giving a girl an orgasm through oral sex, rhyme is critical. Don’t be all over the place. Pick a pace motion and stick to it. Also, be sure to respond to the feedback that the girl is giving you.

– Just clicking your tongue in her pussy won’t do much, so make sure you work the clitoris too.

Needless to say, knowing how to give woman an orgasm is a skill that ever man need to know. If you can do that, woman will fall all over themselves to get to you. And they won’t let go!

But there’s a lot of B.S. out there on this topic.

That’s why it’s important that you learn how to make a girl cum …from girls themselves. Luckily for you, there is now such a thing.

It’s two super hot girls …showing you everything about sex and how to be good in bed that you didn’t learn in sex ed class.

Oh and did I mention they demonstrate too?

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Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this.

The things these girls show you will blow your mind.

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Until next time,

Johnathan M.




Mystery’s PUA Magic Trick EXPOSED!

If you are familiar with the famous pick up artist named Mystery, than you know that he uses magic a lot in his pick ups.

And they work extremely well. Most of the time the girls he does his trick on are speechless and immediately come becomes hugely attracted to him.

Well, one of his most effective trick is the levitating straw trick. And in this video, you’re going to see exactly how it’s done.

This is one of magic’s biggest secret exposed so make sure you watch carefully.

The Famous PUA Magic Trick Explained:

The best thing about this trick is that it require almost no prep work and you can do it anytime or anywhere. It’s a perfect trick to add to your arsenal of weapon as a pick up artist.

Now if you’d like to learn more cool tricks like these that are specifically designed for guys like you to go out and use on girls, you need to check this out:

===>Learn More Cool Tricks Like These To Attract Girls

These tricks are super simple to learn. You don’t need any magic skills or experience and you can be using them to get all sort of reactions from girls or anyone else …tonight!

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Until Next Time,

Johnathan M.

First Text To A Girl – What To Say In Your First Text Message To A Girl


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So…you just met a girl you like…got her number…and now, a day or so later, you want to re-initiate contact.

But how best to do it?

Most guys would send out a boring text message like this…

“Hey, it’s Tom from the bar. It was really nice to met you last night.”

The problem with this text is that…

1) It blends in with all the OTHER texts from OTHER guys that are assaulting her phone…and so it’s easily IGNORED.


2) It doesn’t bring out any EMOTIONS in her and cause her to remember you. And if she doesn’t remember you…she won’t text back.

So what can you put in your first text message that will cause her to remember you AND trigger positive emotions in her?

The One Thing You Must Put In Your First Text To A Girl

And that ONE thing is…(drum rolls please)…


What’s “Callback Humor”?

Callback humor is basically anything you say that reference an earlier experience with you and her in a funny way.

A first text that uses callback humor will work BETTER than pretty much ANYTHING you can come up with from scratch.

That’s because callback humor is personal to her… causes her to remember you (especially if you did what I said and saved your number on her phone)…

…and MOST IMPORTANTLY…cause her to FEEL the emotions that she felt when she first met you.

When you reference a previous experience where she was having fun…you automatically cause her mind to pull up all those memories…and in turn, TRIGGERS those positive feelings again.

It’s just how the human brain works.

Let Me Give You An Example Of Callback Humor

Let’s say you meet a girl and she tells you that she loves playing the piano.

This is a great time to start teasing her about it and call her a nickname like, “Mozart”

Then later, you should reference that in you’re first text (callback humor.)

So your text could look something like this…

“Hey Mozart, composed any great masterpiece lately or are you just going to try to get by on your looks? ;-)”

This will not only make you stand out from other guys… but it also develops this inside joke between the two of you…and cause her to feel more comfortable and connected to you.

Plus…you are reminding her of her love for the piano, which naturally has some POSITIVE EMOTION associated with it.

Here’s Exactly How To Write Your First Text Message To A Girl

Now that you just found out about “callback humor” you’re probably thinking…

“That sounds great…but I can’t think of any good callback humor to use in my first text.”

The truth is, callback humor is already occurring naturally in your conversations…you just need to learn how to spot them.


After you are done talking to a girl (or as you are talking to her) make note of everything you found out about her.

Things like:

…Where she’s from

…What she likes or dislikes

…What she likes to do for fun/her hobbies

…What you teased (or can tease) her about

…Any sexual or funny topics that you guys might have

…Where she worked or what she does for a living

Then you want to think of ways to “twist” these facts into

Here are 3 great tools that you can use:

– Misinterpretation

– Over Exaggeration

– Stereotyping (in a fun way…not a racist way!)

So for example, if she told you that she likes the “Twilight” movies…you can apply OVER EXAGGERATION to that and tease her about how she must’ve camped outside the theater for 2 months straight when the new movie came out.

Another example is if she told you that she is into “saving the environment”…you could STEREOTYPE her as a “tree-hugging hippy” and tease her about all the stereotypical things that hippies do…as if she actually does them.

Get it?

Just make sure that you keep these PLAYFUL so that she knows that you are only joking.

That last part is really important so make sure you get it right.

Go here NOW so you can learn more about how to use callback humor to build attraction over text messages:

You’ll get a bunch more examples showing you the RIGHT way to do it so that you can make sure that you don’t come off the WRONG way and piss her off.

Go here NOW:

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

P.S. Callback humor is VERY powerful…but you have to make sure you do it right.

This will teach you everything you need to know:

Magic Tricks To Impress Girls – PUA Magic Tricks To Attract Girls

I just found this crazy video of a dude using a simple mind reading trick to pick up 3 super hot girls. Their reactions are priceless.

Watch this video:

Wanna know that craziest thing about this video. What they guy did to those guys …YOU CAN DO TOO!

Nothing breaks the ice, sets you apart from all the other guys in the bar or clubs, and create insane amount of attraction then a simple but mind-blowing magic trick like the one in this video.

The problem is, not just any magic trick will do. Traditional magic tricks won’t work to attract girls. If you go out with a deck of card and a rabbit in a hat, you’ll just look like a try-hard loser.

You need PUA magic tricks. Things that you can do quickly in a bar or club, without much preparation and setups.

Luckily, there’s a new course that does just that. Check it out here:

===>Simply Magic Tricks That Will Blow Girls Mind

It’s from a guy who routinely uses cool tricks like the one in the video to get tons of hot guys to chase him. He knows his stuff inside and out and he’s willing to let you in on all this best tricks.

I’m sure he won’t keep this deal open for long (wouldn’t you?) so go check it out before it’s too late NOW:

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Until Next Time,
Johnathan M.


First Text Message To A Girl – How To Craft A Great First Text

A lot of guys really stress out about the first text message to a girl. We spend a lot of time trying to think of the perfect thing to say to get her to like us.

And rightfully so. The firs text message you send to a girl is very important and can determine the success of the entire interaction. It is a complex matter and I’ve re-written a very detail article on the subject. You can read it here: What To Put In Your First Text To A Girl

Now if you don’t have time to read the full article, let me lay out a few of the key points here that should help you to craft an effective first text.

The first thing you need to remember is that you need to stand out from the crowd. What I mean by this is that the girl that you are interested in is most likely very socialized. And so she is very used to guys texting her trying to win her over.

And if you go the usual route and say the exact same thing that other guys are saying, she will simply put you in the same category as all the other guys …which is NOT a good thing.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Simple. Put emotions into your text messages. See, a lot of guys make the mistake of trying to be too logical when they talk to girl. They don’t realized that to get anywhere with a woman, you need to engage her emotional side.

By being too logical, they ended up boring the girl to death. That’s one of the big reason why a girl will all of a sudden goes cold and stop texting you back.

If you can effectively spike her emotion with your text messages, you are already 99% of the way home. Women crave emotion and they love men who can give it to them.

There are many techniques to do this and if you’d like to learn them, just go get my a FREE copy of my Text Game Secrets report. Go Here To Get It.

Until next time,

Johnathan M.

Is It Bad To Ask A Girl Out Over Text?

So you are think about asking a girl out over text and you are wondering if that’s the right thing to do.

Maybe you’re thinking …”Am I doing this because I’m scared? Is this a good attitude to have? Maybe she’ll respect me more if I just go for it over the phone or in person?”

So Is Asking A Girl Out By Text Wrong?

Well, I’m not going to lie to you. You’re probably better off just going for it in person or on the phone. But with that said …you are perfectly OK even if you want to use text.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Rejection is tough and scary. And because of that, most guys who like a girl never even get up the nerve to ask her out. So if you are even thinking about taking the plunge, you already got more balls than they do.

Look at it this way. It’s far better for you to go for the easier, less stressful option and ask her out over text …rather than just being frozen by fear and never making a move at all (which is what most guys do).

So don’t feel bad if you want to take a small baby step first before you work up the confident to ask her out in person. In fact, I’ve written a great tutorial article that shows you exactly how to ask a girl out over text.

It lays out step by step what you should do. You can check it out here: How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

Now if you like to get more information and cool secrets about how to talk to girl over text. Go get my FREE and wildly popular Text Game Secrets Report.

You can get it here ====> Get FREE Text Game Secrets Report.

Until next time,

Johnathan M.


Cute Things To Text A Girl – Cute Texts To Send To A Girl

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Hey! In this post I’m going to give you some cute things to text a girl. These text lines work best for when you already knows this girl a little and there are some comfort between the two of you.

Now before I get into it, I just want to say that I did not come up with all of these lines. I learn from other better PUA’s and refined what works to make it better.

I might not be able to remember where I learn them, but I know I did. And the reason I’m giving you these text game lines is because I know that they works.

Anyway, just so you know that I’m not taking credit for them. Let’s get to it:

Some Cute Texts To Send To A Girl

– “something naughty” ;)

(OK, so this one requires some explaining. So after you get a girl’s number say to her that you’ll texting her something naughty so that she’ll have your number. Then 5 minutes later, text her this. This works best for girls that you met a a bar or club that seems like they are fun and have a sense of humor.)

– “Do you speak text?

(OK, just a little cute way to ask her if she texts.)

– “I have a confession… or I have a secret…” then follow up with “you kind of impressed me tonight” or “you’re kinda cute…but don’t get any ideas :)”

(So in this one, you’re being kinda sweet and giving her a compliment but you’re still doing a little tease at the end to show that you’re a challenge.)

Alright, so I hope you like these cute texts to send to a girl and go try them out.

If you want to get more cool text for how to text girls, go get my FREE Text Game Secret Report.

You can go here to download it: Just Enter Your Email & I’ll Send You The Report

Until next time,
Johnathan M.

Sweet Things To Text A Girl You Like


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Looking for some sweet things to text a girl you like? Well, in this article, I’m going to give you some great sweet text messages to send her.

Again, I don’t take credit for coming up with these lines. I just know that they work.

These sweet text messages are more geared towards girls that you recently met, but you can also modify them for girls that you known and liked for a while.

OK, let’s get to it:

Sweet Text Messages To Send To A Girl

– Sweet dreams, cutie. :-) [Your name]

(This is a short and sweet way to end the night of texting. Note:  use this only if you had a more intimate conversation that built a lot of comfort. If you use it with a girl that haven’t feel comfortable with you yet, you can creep her out a little)

– So bottom line you kinda impressed me tonight…and I don’t get impressed very often. Keep up the good work ;)

(This one is a bit cocky-funny and shows that you are a challenge but also pays her a compliment and shows that you kinda like her)

– Hope you got home safe. [Your name]

(Admittedly this one is a bit generic and won’t set you apart much, but it’s still a good way to initiate a text conversation)

Now if you’d like to get more sweet text messages to send her and learn how to build attracting through text, you need to get one of my FREE Text Game Secrets report.

Just go here and enter you email and I’ll send it to you completely FREE ====> Text Game Secrets Report.

‘Till next time,

Johnathan M.


How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text – A Foolproof Formula


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If you are looking for how to ask a girl out over text, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this short article, I’m going to give you a simple step-by-step formula that you can use to ask a girl out by text …that will almost always result in success.

OK, so here we go.

Asking A Girl Out Via Text Step 1:

The first step is you need to ask her what her plans are. This is a biggie and a lot of guys miss this.

They usually just go straight into it and ask a girl something like, “Hey, want to go out on Saturday?” But if she says, “No, I can’t. My cat’s funeral is on Saturday” then he just hit a dead-end.

But if you ask her what her plans are for the week, you can immediately find out what days to avoid.

Ask A Girl Out By Text Step 2:

The next step is to tell her about your plan. So this is where you need to have something exciting going on in your life. It doesn’t have to be super cool like skydiving or anything. Just make sure it’s not “sitting on the couch watching 24.”

When you tell her about it, you want to make it sound as fun as possible. The goal is to make her want to come along too.

Once you feel that this has been accomplished, simply change the subject to something else and carry on as if nothing happened.

Asking A Girl Out Over Text Step 3:

Once a bit of time has passed, you can move on to step 3, and that is to offer her an invitation to come along. Just casually toss out that she’s welcome to come if you’d like.

If you did a good job of selling it in step #2, most of the time she’s going to say yes. But even if she doesn’t, it’s no big deal. That’s the beauty of this little tactic.

Now if you like to get more awesome tips and secrets on how to text a girl, just go get my FREE Text Game Secrets report.

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Until next time,

Johnathan M.

How I Got Started Learning How To Text Girls

If you are reading this post, then you can probably relate to some (if not ALL) of the following things:

…You are SICK of getting phone numbers from girls…but never having those numbers turn into dates.

…You are sick of the CONFUSION that comes with text game. (One minute the girl is flirting with you…the next minute she’s “cold” and unresponsive.)

…You want to ELIMINATE FLAKINESS. (Don’t you HATE IT when a girl agrees to go on a date, but then flakes out at the last minute for some lame reason?)

…You want to know how to flirt with a girl over text and build attraction, so that when you guys do meet for a date, most of the “heavy lifting” is already done.

If you answered “YES” to any of the above statements, then you are in the right place.

Hi, my name is Johnathan M. and thank you for signing up for my “Text Game Seduction” newsletter.

In this series of blog post, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about how to use text message to attract the girl that you like and get her CHASING YOU.

At this point you might be asking yourself…

“Who The Hell Is This Guy & What Does He Know About Texting Girls?”

Well, to tell you the truth…I’m just a regular guy like you.

I’m not especially good-looking. I’m short (only 5’6).

And I grew up being VERY shy and introverted.

I’ve always had trouble talking to girls. In fact, every obstacles or problems that you might be facing when it come to meeting girls…trust me, I’ve had to deal with A LOT worse.

But like you, I refuse let these setbacks hold me back from living the life full of attractive women that I’ve always dreamed of.

On my journey to becoming good with women, I saw the phone as a huge obstacle to overcome.

After a lot of practice, I’ve finally gotten pretty good at getting girls numbers…but I would often find that these numbers I was getting was almost completely WORTHLESS!

…I’d find myself sending out text messages to a girl (who seemed to really like me when we first met) and never hearing back from her.

…I’d try calling a girl only to fumble through a PAINFULLY awkward conversation that ends up DESTROYING any attraction she might’ve had for me because I didn’t know WHAT TO SAY.

(And that’s IF she even pick up the phone at all…which doesn’t happen often.)

In other words…I had NO FREAKIN’ CLUE how to go from getting her phone number to having sex.

But I Didn’t Give Up! I Needed To Learn How To Text Girls

For TWO YEARS straight, I obsessively worked on my phone and text game.

I would be sending out 5,000 – 7,000 text messages PER MONTH to dozens of girls.

I read books and listened to dating “gurus” and I tried ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

And after endless phone numbers, text messages, and TONS of trial and errors…

I Finally Cracked The “Text Game Code”

…And it was SO SIMPLE that I am amazed that I didn’t figure it out sooner.

Once I figured out this “SYSTEM” I was able to convert a phone number into a date…and sex…almost every time.

It was blowing my mind how these girls…who were totally FLAKY and UNRESPONSIVENESS to me BEFORE…were now responding to my text messages as if they were CRACK…(asking me if they can come over to “hang out.”)

…All because I was applying some of the text game “tricks” and techniques that I’m going to show you in this newsletter.

Once you learn and apply the things that I’m going to teach you, you’ll have a HUGE advantage over other guys.

All your friends will be wondering why these hot girls are eagerly texting you and wanting to meet up…while the numbers that THEY get never turn into anything.

I’ll be sending you more emails in the next few days to tell you about all the WEIRD text and phone game techniques that I’ve discovered over the years…

…so make sure to look out for my emails. Also, make sure to add my email to your contact list/address book so that the emails won’t end up in the “SPAM” folder.

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

If you want know the RIGHT way to turn a phone number into dates…and sex…

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How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl (With Examples)


CLICK HERE To Get the FREE Text Game Secrets Report

Want to start text a girl you like, but can seem to think of a good way to start a text conversation with her?

Well in this article, I’m going to give you several awesome lines that you can use to start a conversation with a girl over text. These lines have worked great for me and they always seems to get the girl engaged, laughing, and create a fun conversation.

Just so it’s clear, I am not claiming to have come up with these lines. Many of them, I learned from friends and other people. But I have used and tested them extensively, so you can be sure that they work extremely well.

OK, so here we go…

Some Great Conversation Starters With A Girl Over Text

The best way to start a conversation with a girl over text is to just go straight into it. These line can be used at any time.

– How’s my favorite little brat doing?

(You can use any teasing nicknames like “brat”, “punk”, “playa”, “flaya” (female-playa), “nerd”, or “geek”. Nicknames are great because people that have nicknames for each other are typically very close such as best friends or family)

– How’s my 3rd favorite little brat doing?

(This one is sort of similar to the last, but it’s powerful because it subtly implies that you have other girls in your life. This triggers the “pre-selection” attraction mechanism inside of her.)

– I just made you open your phone for no reason…looks like I got you in check =p

(I love this one because it’s so fun. It’s basically a mini-prank. It shows dominance in a fun way and if the girl has a sense of humor, it almost always starts a great back and forth between the two of you where she tries to get you back.)

Alright, so you just learn 3 really great way to start a text conversation with a girl. Go ahead and try them out and see what happens.

Now if you like to learn more about how to start text conversations and also what to do after you get her talking to you, go get a FREE copy of one of my Text Game Secrets report.

Just go here and enter you email and I’ll send it straight to you =====> Learn How To Text Girls

Until next time,

Johnathan M.

How To Handle The “Who Is This?” Text From A Girl

As you are texting back and forth with girls, a lot of potentially awkward situations can come up.

Learn how to handle each situations so that she’ll be even more attracted to you afterward. Go here NOW:

Every once in the awhile, you will text a girl you just meet and a few minutes later, she will respond with the dreaded 3 words…

“Who is this?”

I’ve already went over a way to completely avoid this situation in an earlier email (which you should read)… but for whatever reason…you still might find yourself in this situation.

Maybe she lost your number. Maybe her phone broke. Whatever.

The big question now is…

How To Respond To Her Text Message Without Coming Off As A Wuss?

Most guys would respond by trying to remind her of how she knows him…

“Oh, this is Dave from such and such place.”

This puts you in a bad situation because it makes it look like you are chasing her.

Here you are trying to qualify yourself and attempting to get HER to remember YOU.

It can makes you seem needy and low-value…which KILLS attraction.


So what’s a guy suppose to do?


Here’s what I mean.

Instead of just launching into an explanation of who you are RIGHT AWAY…you tease her with it first.

You could text back something like…

– “Who else?…you Prince Charming…duh!”
– “You didn’t save my number?!…I’m crushed..sniff…sniff…lol”
– Or “Your future ex husband! :-)”

You could also reply with a text that drop hints that would jog her memory…something like…


Sometimes this will trigger her memory and she’ll remember you.

And if it doesn’t then she is still going to want to know who you are.

And at some point you can TELL her.

But the important thing is, as all this teasing and flirting is going on…her curiosity (and attraction) is building.

And the best part is…you’ll come off as a high value guy who is not falling all over himself to please her. Unlike all the other guys she meets.

Talk Soon,
Johnathan M.


Cute Things To Say To A Girl Over Text – Using Nicknames In Flirting Text Messages


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Wanna learn a simple text messaging “trick” that will make a girl feel really comfortable with you…as if she’d known you forever?

Go here to find out:

There’s this “ONE THING” that works like magic…

A girl will become more ATTRACTED to you…

…she’ll feel a lot more COMFORTABLE with you…

…she’ll become more PLAYFUL and FLIRTY with you…

…she’ll feel like you’re a CLOSE friend and that she can TRUST you…

…if you call her by this “ONE THING.”

So What The Hell Is This “One Thing” To Use In Your Text To Girls?


In my experience, nothing builds a playful mood and a feeling of comfort and connection better than a nickname.

Think about it. What kind of people call you by nicknames?

It’s usually close friends, families, and love ones, right?


Therefore we are CONDITIONED to have an UNCONSCIOUS association of WARMTH and FAMILIARITY with people who call us by nicknames.

So when you call a girl by a fun nickname that you gave her…she’ll feel an ACCELERATED SENSE OF INTIMACY for you.

Plus…nicknames allow you to create a FUN and FLIRTATIOUS dynamic with her.

Take something you might say over text…anything…and add a fun nickname to the end and it INSTANTLY sounds more playful and flirty.

“Don’t forget to go to your dentist appointment today… SnaggleTooth”

See what I mean?

Here’s Some Example Of Nicknames To Use In Text Messages To A Girl

It’s always better to use a nickname that is personalized to her.

So for example…if she is from England and is a nanny… you can call her “Mary Poppin’”

Or if she likes the “Harry Potter” books…you can call her “Harry Potter” (or some other characters in the book.)

But if you can’t think of any good nicknames (or just want to change things up a bit)…here’s a few “stock” nicknames that you can use with any girl…

Girly nicknames:
– girly face
– sassy pants
– glitter princess
– girl scout
– hunny bunny
– sugar biscuit

Teasing nicknames:
– queen nerd
– dork
– brat
– sassy pants
– shithead
– negative Nancy
– trouble maker

Sexual nicknames (be more careful with these):
– sex kitten
– sex ninja
– lil’ temptress

Just try pluging some of these nicknames into a text you send her and you’ll be amaze at how it changes the interaction.

Just use this format:


To find out more about how to use nicknames to create attraction over text, go here:

A Cool Trick To Make Your Nicknames For Girls More Flirtatious

Here’s a cool trick to make the nicknames that you come up with much better:

Just add the word “little” or “baby” to whatever nickname you choose.

For instance…”princess” becomes “little princess”

Girls always love it when they are made to feel “small” and girly.

By adding in “little” or “baby” to your nicknames, you give them a touch of cuteness that girls are going to LOVE.

Alright, that’s it for today’s text game tip. Go ahead and use them and report back to me with the results!

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

P.S. I can’t stress enough how easy and POWERFUL this stuff is.

If you ain’t using it…then you’re missing out.

Go here to get the full story:

Texting A Girl – What NOT To Do When Texting Girls


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OK, so you met a girl you like…got her number…and texted her right away and started a dialog (like I taught you in the last email…you did read it RIGHT?!)

Now, unless you slept with her that same night, at some point, you two will part ways and you’ll have to initiate  } contact with her again the next day.

I call this…the “NEXT DAY TEXT” and it is just as important as the very first text that you send her.

(Note: You can still apply all of the concepts that I’m  about to teach you…even if you didn’t text her right  away after getting her number like I told you to.)

3 Things You Should Never Do When Texting A Girl For The First Time

Before I get into how to write the perfect first text… I want to go over 3 MAJOR mistakes that I see TONS of guys make with their first text message.

Mistake #1: Trying To Make Plan On Your First Text To A Girl

Most guys send out first text messages that looks like this…

“Hey Debbie, it was great meeting you last night. Do you have plans tomorrow?


“Hey Sarah, it was really nice meeting you. Do you want to hang out again on Saturday?”

Unless she really likes you and you already gotten pretty far physically with this girl…this kind of text message is NOT going to work.

Remember, she JUST met you…and even though you two might’ve hit it off at first…she is still going to be pretty uncomfortable with the idea of meeting up with you for a “date” that could be VERY awkward.

HELL, you could be SERIAL KILLER for all she knows!

OK…calm…calm down…calm down…

I’m NOT saying that you ARE a serial killer…just that you need to “warm her up” through text messaging first.

Jeez…sensitive much?

Just build some comfort and attraction through text… and THEN go for the meet up…that’s all I’m sayin’.

Plus, once you have more of a connection with her…the date will go MUCH more smoothly…IF you even need one at all (if you know what I mean ;-)

(More on this in future emails.)

Mistake #2: Engaging In The “Interview Of Death” When Texting Girls

This one is a biggie and a lot (IF NOT ALL) guys fall prey to this son o’ a bitch. (Myself included…I’m not pointin’ fingers here.)

I call it…”THE INTERVIEW OF DEATH” *dramatic music*

It’s when you don’t know what the hell to talk about and so you resort to asking her a bunch of logical questions…hoping to find something that you can use.

The DISASTER of EPIC PROPORTION that ensues usually goes something like this…

You: “How’s it going?”

Her: “Fine. Just watching TV with my roommate.”

You: “Nice. What show are you guys watching?”

Her: “Grey’s Anatomy.”

You: “Oh, is that the one with all the doctors?”

Her: “Yeah, it’s like my favorite show”

You: “Cool. Have you seen every episode?”

Her: “Just about.”

You: “So what other show do you like?”

Her: “Sex and the City.”

You: “Yeah, that show is pretty good. Do you like to watch movies or TV better?”

Her: “I like movies.”

You: “Me too. You wanna go see one with me sometime?”

Her: (No reply)

You (in your head): FUCK!

See just how bor – Hey!…Hey!…wake up…WAKE UP GODDAMMIT!!!

Arrrg! As I was saying…see how boring that shit was?

I mean…if YOU are falling asleep…imagine what’s happening to HER.

This is the kind of text conversation that she gets (if she’s hot) ALL THE TIME.

Let’s all just take a moment of silence and feel bad for her…

OK, that’s enough.

What you want to do is make yourself stand out from the crowd. You want to incorporate emotions, humor, teasing and role playing into your conversation.

There’s way too much stuff to go over now in this email, but it’s all been laid out and explained in detail in this new course.

Make sure you go pick up a copy NOW:

Mistake #3: Going All “Oprah” On The First Text Message To A Girl

By “going all Oprah” I mean getting all emotional and laying out all your feelings in the first text.

I know…I know…you really like this girl and you want her to be the mother of your children…

Just try to keep that to yourself…at least for now.

You gotta remember that the girl you met at the bar or club that night is a totally different person now.

When she’s been out all night…talking to people… taken a few shots…she might’ve been all over you. Told you that she liked you…and MEANT IT.

But now that she’s on the couch in her sweat pants… watching TV after a long day at work…her emotional state is just NOT the same…and so she might not react the same way to your text.

So don’t be sending text messages like these…

“Hey! I’m really glad we met last night. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl like you before.” OR…

“I can’t believe how I feel right now. I’ve never felt this way about a girl before.” OR…

“I know it might sound kinda weird but I really feel a deep connection to you right now”

Will this stuff work SOMETIME? Sure.

But MOST of the time…that shit will FREAK HER OUT!

Plus, girls LOVE a challenge anyway. And they LOVE to be teased.

So if you “lay all your cards” out there too soon…you’ll stop being a challenge and she’ll lose interest.

So there.

Now you know 3 big mistakes that most guys make that you should never do.

Holy shit…this email is getting long.

I was going to teach you about the PROPER way to write a great “next day text” but I guess I’ll just save that for the next email.

For now, make sure you go pick up a copy of this super, awesome (and I do mean super awesome) text game guide.


It goes WAY more in depth and cover a bunch of other text game concepts that I just don’t have room to explain here.

Trust me…it’ll be the best money you ever spent. Go here NOW:

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

P.S. Seriously, go get this shit. There’s TON more tricks and techniques in there that are way too advance for me to explain over email. For god’s sake…A MAN CAN ONLY TYPE SO MUCH!!!


When To Text A Girl You Just Met?


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OK, now that you know the RIGHT way to get a girl’s number (last post), the BIG QUESTION in your mind is probably…


This is where listening to a lot of the BULLSHIT advices out there by the so-called “dating gurus” is going to get you into a lot of trouble.

See…most of THEM would have you texting a girl for the first time after waiting for THREE DAYS!

This is great advice…IF YOU WANT TO GET IGNORED!

Here’s why.

The longer you wait…the more her attraction for you will evaporate over time.

Plus, attractive girls are being pursue by guys all the time…so you have even more things competing for her attention.

So if you wait a whole 3 days before texting her for the first time…like those JACKASS GURUS would have you do…even if she does remember you…she’ll probably already be talking to some OTHER GUY by then.

So When Is The Best Time To Text A Girl You Just Met?

The best time to initiate a text conversation with a girl is…

WHEN YOU’RE STANDING IN FRONT OF HER (or 5 minutes after you guys parted ways)

Think about it…you already have some attraction and a lot of momentum going in your favor…so why not capitalize on it and send her the first text.

And what do you think the chances are that she’ll reply POSITIVELY to your first text if you sent it right after you guys are done talking?

Yep…damn near 100%!

I mean…she was just talking to you for god’s sake! Of course she’s going to respond back.

And the best part is…this sets up a texting “relationship” between the two of you. It gets her used to the idea of texting back and forth with you.

Now she’ll be MUCH, MUCH more likely to reply to your future text messages…because you two already have a text dialog going on.

Alright, if you want to learn more about how to drive a girl crazy for you over text, pick up a copy of this AWESOME text game course here:

It covers a bunch of other cool concepts and techniques that I didn’t have time to go over in this email.

And you’ll also get a TON of real world text messages examples.

Go here NOW:

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

How To Get A Girl’s Number – A Guide To Getting A Girl’s Phone Number

How To Get A Girl’s Number – A Guide To Getting A Girl’s Phone Number


CLICK HERE To Get the FREE Text Game Secrets Report

Alrite, before we start diggin’ into all of the super “ninja” text and phone game techniques that I’m going to teach you…

…we need to make sure that YOU know…

The Right Way To Get Girls Numbers

If you ain’t got the digits, then you can’t play the text game, right?

So what’s the BEST way to ask for a girl’s number?

Well…here’s what NOT to do:

Most guys ask for the phone number with the mindset that he is trying to GET something from her. He’ll ask for it as if he’s trying to get a loan from a bank…

“Well…if it’s OK with you…I was wondering…if you could..”

DON’T DO THAT. If you are currently doing this…STOP IT!

You should ask for the phone number confidently…as if you expect her to give it to you.


And be casual about it too. Act as if you’re the kind of guy who just gets numbers from girls all the time and it’s no big deal.

Here’s a GREAT way to think about it: Just ask for her number in the same way you would ask someone to “pass the salt.”

If you make a big fuss about asking for her number…it will make her think that you are the kind of guy who might not deserve it.

Make sense, right?

Here’s An Example Of How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

Let’s say you’re talking to a girl and things are going well.

At some point in the conversation, smile and say…

“You know what…you’re actually pretty cool. Here, punch in you’re number.” (Then hand her your phone.)

The key here is to use a tone of voice that implies that you’ve been sizing her up from the beginning and that she passed you’re test.

This will establish you as the person of higher value.

Just say this with confident and it will work. Trust me.

Practice it a few times alone if you need too.

Here’s another key point. Once you hand her your phone,

“Oh, and give me your phone…I’ll give you my number.”

Then program your number into her phone using a funny
nickname for yourself.

Something like…[YOUR NAME] Big Sexy

…or [YOUR NAME] Super Stud

Why is having YOUR number in HER phone important?

Well, most hot girls won’t pick up calls from strange numbers.

So by having your number in her phone (so that your name will show up whenever you call or text), you will INSTANTLY set yourself apart from all other guys.

Also, it will give her an unconscious feeling of comfort and familiarity with you.

She’ll think…”I must like this guy because I got his number in my phone.”

For more great techniques on how to get a girl’s number, check this out:


A Big Mistake That 99% Of Guys Make When Getting Girls Phone Numbers

Now after she gives you her number, don’t do what 99% of guys out there do and…


Most guys think, “Sweet! I’m done. I got her number. Time to go.” Right?


This is a big mistake and it can cause her to FLAKE on you down the line.

Here’s why…

For one, it leaves a “bad taste in her mouth” because it makes it seem like you were only there to get the number.

…Like it was some kind of “trophy” or something.

I mean, if you guys were hitting it off…then getting the number would just be a natural part of the conversation…not the end result, right?

Secondly, by leaving right after the “number close”, you are making your job much hard later on.

I mean…think about it.

You already have some emotional momentum going with this girl…so why not stick around a little longer and build some more comfort and attraction?

The more of a connection you can create NOW…the LESS you’ll have to do…and the EASIER the work will be LATER.

Plus, the more you find out about her…the more material you will have to work with to start a conversion with her later.

So next time you get a girl’s number, instead of just leaving right afterward, stick around and continue the conversation for a little longer.

Trust me…almost NO GUY out there is doing this…and she’ll be so PLEASANTLY surprised by it that her attraction for you will spike even more.

If you want to find out more cool “phone and text game” secrets that will give you an edge over all other guys, go here:


Alright, I’ll let you digest all the great stuff I’ve just given you and put it into good use.

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

P.S. If you’ve been making these mistakes that I’ve talk about without realizing it, then there are probably DOZENS of other easily fixable mistakes that you’re making RIGHT NOW that are screwing up your chances with the ladies.

Go here NOW to see what they are and plug up your game:


7-Minute Video That Might Change Your PUA Life

I just got done watching this very interesting video on YouTube. I can say a lot about it, but I think I’ll just let you see for yourself. Click to watch the video below:

Watch this…

There are many nuggets of wisdom to be taken away here but the one that I liked the most was…

“Everyday, do something that scares you.”

To pick up artist like us, this little piece of advice is very profound.

If you are thinking about doing something to change your life. Anything. It can be picking up girls, or starting a business. But is too scare to get started, then use this video as you inspiration.

If you don’t take action now, one day, you will grow old and look back on your youth with disappointment and regret, wishing that you would have pulled the trigger.

So just do something. Anything. It doesn’t have to be big. A little bit every day. And trust me. You will be amaze at how far baby steps can take you. And in the end, you will be much much happier for it.

Also make sure you sign up for my “How To Attract Girls” Newsletter…right here.

Until next time…

Johnathan M.

P.S. Seriously, trust him on the sunscreen part. :-)

Text Messages To Send A Girl – The GOOD And The BAD


I was just reading this very good post about what kind of text messages you should send a girl and I thought I’d share it with you.

Here’s the link to the original article:

PUA Text Messages: Text Messages You Should and Should Not Send

The article has lots of specific examples of good text messages to send a girl. I’ll share with you some of my favorites and comment on them:

1) Hey you…can you keep a secret?

I really like this one because it’s guarantee to generate a “Yes” respond from her. Plus it creates a bonding dynamic between you two. Anytime when you can share a secret with a girl, it creates a “Us vs The World” frame that is very powerful at creating attraction between you two.

Of course, you would then use this line to segment into a funny, teasing joke about her like suggested in the article:

“Shhh, don’t tell anyone I said this…I met this girl (her) who is really nice. But I think she is kinda weird and I think all she wants to do is get in my pants.”

2) Quick! Quick! Beer or wine? Beer or wine???

Then after she answers you, follow it up with, “Light beer or dark beer?” Then after that, just say, “OK, thanks” It’s very random and it leaves her guessing.

I’m a big fan of random text. It’s fun. It’s unpredictable. And if done right, it’s freakin’ funny. It also definitely set you apart from all the other boring guys that text her.

More importantly, it sets the stage for a flirty interaction. You can get away with A LOT more stuff when you’ve already establish yourself a a wild and crazy guy who is liable to do random things at times.

Now, if you want to learn more about the “what” and “when” of how to text a girl you like, I suggest you sign up for my FREE “Text Seduction Newsletter”.

Just go here and enter you email and I’ll send you great tips and techniques on how to text girls…for FREE!

Until next time…

Johnathan M.

Flirting With Girls – Flirting Tips From A Master

I was just reading this article on how to flirt with girls. The guy who wrote it is named David Black. I don’t know him personally, but this dude definitely knows what he’s talking about.

I’m going to be discussing and referencing his article in this post so I recommend you go ahead and read David’s article first and then come back and read the rest of this post.

Here’s the link to the article:

How To Flirt Like A Master

This article focuses more on flirting in a real life setting (as oppose to over text message) but it still has some great ideas that will help you in both area.

The article basically makes two points:

1) You need to have the right mindset/attitude when flirting with a girl. When you get that right, everything else will come together. I absolutely agree with this point. The right attitude is SO IMPORTANT when it comes to attracting girls.

Unfortunately getting this part right is a little harder said than done. If, like me, you are not one of those guys who naturally thinks this way, then it can be tough to have the right mindset in place, especially when you are face to face with a hot babe. The key to developing the right mindset is to remind yourself if it as often as you can. Remember, we are pretty much trying to reprogram your brain to think differently about beautiful girls. We are trying to undo years to social programing from movies, TV’s, and the media. It’s going to take some time, but you WILL get there.

2) The second point he made was about frame control. I definitely agrees that knowing how to set the frame of an interaction is extremely powerful and everything else he is saying is dead on.

I would just like to add a practice action step to all the theories; learning how to set the frame is a skill and it takes practice to get good at a skill. If you’ve spent most of your childhood and teenage years as a dragon slayer in an RPG video game (oh the good times I had :-) then is a skill that is very under develop and it can be pretty hard to all of a sudden do it with a girl you like.

A great baby step to take, and one which has helped me greatly, is to take an improv class. Improv classes will basically make you a master at frame control because you are basically being thrown into a new (and weird) frame all the time. And once you become comfortable setting frames in an improv class, interacting with girls will be a piece of cake.

If you wanna learn more about the right mindset to have when texting a girl, you should check out my Flirting Secrets Newsletter. You’ll learn a bunch of cool ways to create attraction with a girl.

Click here to sign up now. Just enter you email to get FREE ACCESS.

Until next time…

Johnathan M.

PUA Qualifying – One Of The Most Import Part Of A Seduction

So what the heck is PUA qualifying?

Qualifying a girl is probably one of the most important step of a seduction. If you misses is element, it can cause a lot of trouble down the line.

Qualifying is basically making a girl demonstrate to you that she is someone of quality. This is usually done by asking her a question like, “What do you have going on for you other than you looks?”

And when she answers this question, she is qualifying herself to you.

The reason this process is important is that it gets the girl to invest in the interaction. She is not just a passive observer anymore. Instead she is now actively trying to impress you, though she might not realize it. It is just a basic principle of human nature that we become attached to something that we have invested in.

Another every important purpose of PUA qualification is that it give the girl a reason for why you like her. Girls need to feel like you are not after her for just her look and by qualifying her, you are showing her that you are also interested in her other qualities.

It might not seem like a big deal but if you forget to qualify a girl, it can come back to bite you in the ass. Most of the time this will be in the form of last minute resistance, which is when a girl suddenly have second thoughts about hooking up with you right at the last minute.

Many of the top PUAs agree that qualification is one of the most crucial part of a pick up.

If you want to learn more about qualifying a girl, go sign up to my FREE Seduction Newsletter. It explain the concept behind PUA qualification and also give examples of how to qualify her.

Go sign up for FREE right here!

Until next time…

Johnathan M.

How To Get A Girl To Like You…Stop Being Such A Nice Guy!

Girls like nice guys right? You’re suppose to be a nice guys right? Well…yes and no. Let me explain.

This one is a big problem for a lot of guys.

I know, I know, I was there too. Growing up we’ve always been told that you’re suppose to be nice to girls. Be a gentleman.

So when we meet a girl that we like, we try to bend over backward for her. We do everything she wants us to. But instead of falling madly in love with us like the movies says she should, she leave for some jerk in a leather jacket.

Bull crap!

Well, here’s the truth guys…girls DON’T like nice guys. But that doesn’t mean you should be a jerk either. Girls still LIKE gentlemen. They just don’t like wussies.

A girl want her man to be strong. A guy who challenge her and doesn’t let himself get walked all over. But at the same time, he also treats her well and with kindness.

WTF! I know, it’s confusing as hell.

Don’t worry, you’ll get it. It’s all part of become the perfect guy that women drool over.

I was browsing the web looking for some good articles on the topic and I found this post on a website called DittoEffect.com

It talks about why being a nice guy is a bad idea when it comes to attracting a girlfriend (It’s great for making friends, though. But who wants that?! :-) And it also give you 10 signs of a nice guy so you can try to spot it in yourself and put and end to it.

It’s really good stuff. I recommend you check it out. Here’s the link to the article:


Girls are really attracted to guys who are a challenge and whom they can’t just easily get. In fact, this is why the flirting techniques that utilizes the princle of “Push Pull” works so well.

If you wanna read more about how to use “Push Pull” to flirt with a girl over text, then go sign up for my FREE “Text Game Mastery” Newsletter NOW!

Just go here and enter you email and you get FREE INSTANT ACCESS.

Until next time…

Johnathan M.

Fractionation Seduction – Hypnotic Technique For Text Game Seducation

When it comes to seduction, we can learn about from the field of hypnosis.

There is a principal in hypnosis called “Fractionation” and it states that when a person is put into a hypnotic trance and then brought out of it, the next time that person is put back into a trance, he/she will go even deeper into the trance than before.

And with each successive times that this person is “fractionated” in and out of a trance, the deep he/she will go.

Now this is a very powerful concept that hypnotists have used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. But it if you take this concept and apply it to the field of picking up girls, then you’ll have…

An Easy Method To Make Your Seduction Ten Times More Effective

In fact, pick up artists and seducers all over the world are already applying this principle and reaping the benefits.

The “Push-Pull” method is a popular application of this principle. In the Push – Pull method, you are constantly push a girl away using playful teases and challenges and then pulling her towards you with compliments and approvals.

A Weird Tip For Talking Dirty To A Girl

Another way to apply the concept of fractionation is when you are talking dirt to a girl over text.

If you find yourself in a heated sexual conversation with a girl and she is getting turned on, let the conversation run it’s course for a while. But then you should pull away from the sex topic and change the conversation to something else.

By doing so you are fractionating her and the next time you bring up a sexual topic, she not only will be more willing to go into it with you, but she will get even more excited and turned on than she did the previous time.

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Getting A Girl’s Number Isn’t As Hard As You Think

A lot of guys make such a big deal out of asking a girl for her phone number. They think that I must be hard and that they have to wait for just the right moment.

Well, the truth is getting her number is just not that hard!

In fact, if you know what you’re doing, you can get a girl’s number within a few MINUTES of meeting her. Trust me, girls give their numbers out all the time. It’s no big deal.

But Here’s The Sad End Of That Coin…

Getting a girl’s number does not mean that you’re going to get laid. A lot of guys thinks that they’ve won the game as soon as they’ve gotten the phone number.

Not true. Not true at all.

You have to know WHAT to do with that number in order to turn it into something more. See to most guys who don’t know what they are doing, a phone number just ends up turning into flaked dates, missed calls, and disappointments.

But The Good News Is…

That’s where text and phone game comes in.

See to a well trained text game PUA, a phone number can be as good as the golden key into her panties. He’ll know exactly WHAT to say to get her to feel attraction for him, HOW to ramp up her sexual desire for him, and WHEN to close the deal and turn it into a real life hood up.

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However, Before You Can Have All The Babes You Want, You Must First…

Learn how to get the numbers. Without it, you can’t really do much. But fortunately, like I said before, it’s a lot easier than you think.

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