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Fractionation Seduction – Hypnotic Technique For Text Game Seducation

When it comes to seduction, we can learn about from the field of hypnosis.

There is a principal in hypnosis called “Fractionation” and it states that when a person is put into a hypnotic trance and then brought out of it, the next time that person is put back into a trance, he/she will go even deeper into the trance than before.

And with each successive times that this person is “fractionated” in and out of a trance, the deep he/she will go.

Now this is a very powerful concept that hypnotists have used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. But it if you take this concept and apply it to the field of picking up girls, then you’ll have…

An Easy Method To Make Your Seduction Ten Times More Effective

In fact, pick up artists and seducers all over the world are already applying this principle and reaping the benefits.

The “Push-Pull” method is a popular application of this principle. In the Push – Pull method, you are constantly push a girl away using playful teases and challenges and then pulling her towards you with compliments and approvals.

A Weird Tip For Talking Dirty To A Girl

Another way to apply the concept of fractionation is when you are talking dirt to a girl over text.

If you find yourself in a heated sexual conversation with a girl and she is getting turned on, let the conversation run it’s course for a while. But then you should pull away from the sex topic and change the conversation to something else.

By doing so you are fractionating her and the next time you bring up a sexual topic, she not only will be more willing to go into it with you, but she will get even more excited and turned on than she did the previous time.

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