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How To Start Texting A Girl – Starting A Text Conversation With A Girl

Alright! So in today’s post, we are going to talk about how to start a texting conversation with a girl.

If you always struggled with getting a girl to text you back or don’t know what to say to get a girl engaged, this is the video for you.

I go my friend Rob Judge and Bobby Rio to create this awesome video where they go over their best tips and tactics.

Check it out:

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Over Text

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I hope you got a lot out of that.

Here’s some take away points:

The way you start a conversation with a girl via text is different from how you would do it in person. There’s less of a need for the normal “small talk”. You can just jump right in and assume a fun and playful vibe.

– Don’t send her pointless text that doesn’t say anything and doesn’t give her anything to respond to. Give her a bit of your personality and  a commentary about you and your day.It makes the text more interesting and give her something to respond to.

– Before sending a girl the first text, ask yourself, “When she reads this text …would does it make it easy for her to respond back?” Or does it make her say, “OK. What am I suppose to say to that?” If a girl has to think too hard to come up with a response, then she probably won’t text back. Remember, in the beginning, you want to make it easy for her to engage with you.

– When texting a girl, don’t go backward into the awkward phase of getting to know each other. Jump through that and just talk to her as if there’s already attraction and comfort and that’s how she’s going to respond back to you.

Rob and Bobby are two of the best text game seducers in the world. And if you want to learn more of about their girl-texting magic, go watch this special presentation that Bobby made:

===> Special Presentation: Bobby Rio’s Secret To Texting Girls

In this video, he’ll show you how to turn a girl on and get her out on a date …using just 3 simple text messages. You don’t want to miss what’s he’s going to say.

Go watch the video here:

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