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How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl (With Examples)


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Want to start text a girl you like, but can seem to think of a good way to start a text conversation with her?

Well in this article, I’m going to give you several awesome lines that you can use to start a conversation with a girl over text. These lines have worked great for me and they always seems to get the girl engaged, laughing, and create a fun conversation.

Just so it’s clear, I am not claiming to have come up with these lines. Many of them, I learned from friends and other people. But I have used and tested them extensively, so you can be sure that they work extremely well.

OK, so here we go…

Some Great Conversation Starters With A Girl Over Text

The best way to start a conversation with a girl over text is to just go straight into it. These line can be used at any time.

– How’s my favorite little brat doing?

(You can use any teasing nicknames like “brat”, “punk”, “playa”, “flaya” (female-playa), “nerd”, or “geek”. Nicknames are great because people that have nicknames for each other are typically very close such as best friends or family)

– How’s my 3rd favorite little brat doing?

(This one is sort of similar to the last, but it’s powerful because it subtly implies that you have other girls in your life. This triggers the “pre-selection” attraction mechanism inside of her.)

– I just made you open your phone for no reason…looks like I got you in check =p

(I love this one because it’s so fun. It’s basically a mini-prank. It shows dominance in a fun way and if the girl has a sense of humor, it almost always starts a great back and forth between the two of you where she tries to get you back.)

Alright, so you just learn 3 really great way to start a text conversation with a girl. Go ahead and try them out and see what happens.

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Until next time,

Johnathan M.

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