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How To Develop A Sense Of Humor …And Have Fun Doing It!

We all know that humor is one of the most attractive quality that women look for in men.

Well, if you are not naturally funny then you need to develop a sense of humor. And the BEST way to develop a sense of humor, is to watch A LOT of funny shit.

Well, here’s a big pile of funny shit!

I found this really cool comedy video channel while surfing on YouTube and I complied a bunch of my favorite clips for you here.

These are movie parodies called, “How It Should Have Ended.” They have that perfect blend of witty and sarcastic humor that is perfect for attracting women. Guaranteed to stroke the hell out of your funny bone.

(Oh by the way, these videos are movie parodies so it’s a lot funnier if you’ve actually seen the movie that they are spoofing. Most of these are big time blockbusters so that shouldn’t be a problem. But in case you haven’t seen a particular movie yet, don’t watch the video yet. Wait ’till you watched the movie in question and then come back.)

Watch, laugh your ass off, and learn a thing or two. Enjoy!

How “300″ Should Have Ended


How “The Dark Knight” Should Have Ended


How “Iron Man” Should Have Ended

Pretty freakin’ gut-busting huh?

Well, this is the exact brand of humor that women loves. A mixture of wit, sarcasm, pop-culture reference, and irreverence. It spikes attraction like crazy.

It might seem like you just have to be naturally funny to come up with jokes that these but it’s not true. Anyone can develop a killer sense of humor and learn how to be funny.

Professional stand-up comedians do it all the time.

And if you’re ready learn to be funny and become the life of the party, this is a great place to start …

===> Click Here To Learn How To Be Funny


Until next time,
Johnathan M.





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