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How To Be An Alpha Male – An Analysis Of Alpha Male Traits

We all know that alpha males get all the girls.

But being an alpha male is not about being the biggest, meanest guy on the block. It’s actually the opposite.

I was just looking over some old videos and I found this awesome clip of David DeAngelo breaking down some alpha male traits and characteristics in a movie scenes.

It’s extremely fascinating and entertaining to watch these movie clips and hear his analysis of how to be an alpha male.

Make sure you watch the movie clips carefully because they will give you some great insights into the alpha males traits that women find so attractive.

A Video Analysis of Alpha Male Traits

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Being an alpha males doesn’t mean you have to be a 7 foot tall muscle head that wrestle polar bears.It’s all about your attitude.

Even if you are a short, scrawny guy but you have the right attitude, you’ll still be the most alpha guy in the room. And all the girls will flock to you.

Acquiring this attitude doesn’t have to be hard either. It just takes a few small shifts.

This video explains it all and reveals the secret to becoming a total badass, alpha male.

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