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How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text – A Foolproof Formula


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If you are looking for how to ask a girl out over text, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this short article, I’m going to give you a simple step-by-step formula that you can use to ask a girl out by text …that will almost always result in success.

OK, so here we go.

Asking A Girl Out Via Text Step 1:

The first step is you need to ask her what her plans are. This is a biggie and a lot of guys miss this.

They usually just go straight into it and ask a girl something like, “Hey, want to go out on Saturday?” But if she says, “No, I can’t. My cat’s funeral is on Saturday” then he just hit a dead-end.

But if you ask her what her plans are for the week, you can immediately find out what days to avoid.

Ask A Girl Out By Text Step 2:

The next step is to tell her about your plan. So this is where you need to have something exciting going on in your life. It doesn’t have to be super cool like skydiving or anything. Just make sure it’s not “sitting on the couch watching 24.”

When you tell her about it, you want to make it sound as fun as possible. The goal is to make her want to come along too.

Once you feel that this has been accomplished, simply change the subject to something else and carry on as if nothing happened.

Asking A Girl Out Over Text Step 3:

Once a bit of time has passed, you can move on to step 3, and that is to offer her an invitation to come along. Just casually toss out that she’s welcome to come if you’d like.

If you did a good job of selling it in step #2, most of the time she’s going to say yes. But even if she doesn’t, it’s no big deal. That’s the beauty of this little tactic.

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Until next time,

Johnathan M.

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