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First Text To A Girl – What To Say In Your First Text Message To A Girl


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So…you just met a girl you like…got her number…and now, a day or so later, you want to re-initiate contact.

But how best to do it?

Most guys would send out a boring text message like this…

“Hey, it’s Tom from the bar. It was really nice to met you last night.”

The problem with this text is that…

1) It blends in with all the OTHER texts from OTHER guys that are assaulting her phone…and so it’s easily IGNORED.


2) It doesn’t bring out any EMOTIONS in her and cause her to remember you. And if she doesn’t remember you…she won’t text back.

So what can you put in your first text message that will cause her to remember you AND trigger positive emotions in her?

The One Thing You Must Put In Your First Text To A Girl

And that ONE thing is…(drum rolls please)…


What’s “Callback Humor”?

Callback humor is basically anything you say that reference an earlier experience with you and her in a funny way.

A first text that uses callback humor will work BETTER than pretty much ANYTHING you can come up with from scratch.

That’s because callback humor is personal to her… causes her to remember you (especially if you did what I said and saved your number on her phone)…

…and MOST IMPORTANTLY…cause her to FEEL the emotions that she felt when she first met you.

When you reference a previous experience where she was having fun…you automatically cause her mind to pull up all those memories…and in turn, TRIGGERS those positive feelings again.

It’s just how the human brain works.

Let Me Give You An Example Of Callback Humor

Let’s say you meet a girl and she tells you that she loves playing the piano.

This is a great time to start teasing her about it and call her a nickname like, “Mozart”

Then later, you should reference that in you’re first text (callback humor.)

So your text could look something like this…

“Hey Mozart, composed any great masterpiece lately or are you just going to try to get by on your looks? ;-)”

This will not only make you stand out from other guys… but it also develops this inside joke between the two of you…and cause her to feel more comfortable and connected to you.

Plus…you are reminding her of her love for the piano, which naturally has some POSITIVE EMOTION associated with it.

Here’s Exactly How To Write Your First Text Message To A Girl

Now that you just found out about “callback humor” you’re probably thinking…

“That sounds great…but I can’t think of any good callback humor to use in my first text.”

The truth is, callback humor is already occurring naturally in your conversations…you just need to learn how to spot them.


After you are done talking to a girl (or as you are talking to her) make note of everything you found out about her.

Things like:

…Where she’s from

…What she likes or dislikes

…What she likes to do for fun/her hobbies

…What you teased (or can tease) her about

…Any sexual or funny topics that you guys might have

…Where she worked or what she does for a living

Then you want to think of ways to “twist” these facts into

Here are 3 great tools that you can use:

– Misinterpretation

– Over Exaggeration

– Stereotyping (in a fun way…not a racist way!)

So for example, if she told you that she likes the “Twilight” movies…you can apply OVER EXAGGERATION to that and tease her about how she must’ve camped outside the theater for 2 months straight when the new movie came out.

Another example is if she told you that she is into “saving the environment”…you could STEREOTYPE her as a “tree-hugging hippy” and tease her about all the stereotypical things that hippies do…as if she actually does them.

Get it?

Just make sure that you keep these PLAYFUL so that she knows that you are only joking.

That last part is really important so make sure you get it right.

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You’ll get a bunch more examples showing you the RIGHT way to do it so that you can make sure that you don’t come off the WRONG way and piss her off.

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Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

P.S. Callback humor is VERY powerful…but you have to make sure you do it right.

This will teach you everything you need to know:

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