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Cute Things To Say To A Girl Over Text – Using Nicknames In Flirting Text Messages


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There’s this “ONE THING” that works like magic…

A girl will become more ATTRACTED to you…

…she’ll feel a lot more COMFORTABLE with you…

…she’ll become more PLAYFUL and FLIRTY with you…

…she’ll feel like you’re a CLOSE friend and that she can TRUST you…

…if you call her by this “ONE THING.”

So What The Hell Is This “One Thing” To Use In Your Text To Girls?


In my experience, nothing builds a playful mood and a feeling of comfort and connection better than a nickname.

Think about it. What kind of people call you by nicknames?

It’s usually close friends, families, and love ones, right?


Therefore we are CONDITIONED to have an UNCONSCIOUS association of WARMTH and FAMILIARITY with people who call us by nicknames.

So when you call a girl by a fun nickname that you gave her…she’ll feel an ACCELERATED SENSE OF INTIMACY for you.

Plus…nicknames allow you to create a FUN and FLIRTATIOUS dynamic with her.

Take something you might say over text…anything…and add a fun nickname to the end and it INSTANTLY sounds more playful and flirty.

“Don’t forget to go to your dentist appointment today… SnaggleTooth”

See what I mean?

Here’s Some Example Of Nicknames To Use In Text Messages To A Girl

It’s always better to use a nickname that is personalized to her.

So for example…if she is from England and is a nanny… you can call her “Mary Poppin’”

Or if she likes the “Harry Potter” books…you can call her “Harry Potter” (or some other characters in the book.)

But if you can’t think of any good nicknames (or just want to change things up a bit)…here’s a few “stock” nicknames that you can use with any girl…

Girly nicknames:
– girly face
– sassy pants
– glitter princess
– girl scout
– hunny bunny
– sugar biscuit

Teasing nicknames:
– queen nerd
– dork
– brat
– sassy pants
– shithead
– negative Nancy
– trouble maker

Sexual nicknames (be more careful with these):
– sex kitten
– sex ninja
– lil’ temptress

Just try pluging some of these nicknames into a text you send her and you’ll be amaze at how it changes the interaction.

Just use this format:


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A Cool Trick To Make Your Nicknames For Girls More Flirtatious

Here’s a cool trick to make the nicknames that you come up with much better:

Just add the word “little” or “baby” to whatever nickname you choose.

For instance…”princess” becomes “little princess”

Girls always love it when they are made to feel “small” and girly.

By adding in “little” or “baby” to your nicknames, you give them a touch of cuteness that girls are going to LOVE.

Alright, that’s it for today’s text game tip. Go ahead and use them and report back to me with the results!

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

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