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A Cool Coin Trick That Fooled Einstein (Explained)

I got something really cool for you today. It’s a super simple coin trick that will take about about 5 minutes to learn …but it will make you look like the smartest guy in the room when you show it to people.

In fact, you’ll looked like you are a super-human computer. Like “Rain Man” status.

This trick is so wicked, it’s been rumored that it even fooled the great Albert Einstein.

Don’t worry, this video explains it all. Watch it now:

The Coin Trick So Wicked It Fooled Albert Einstein

Pretty wicked huh? The key to this trick is in the delivery.

You really want to sell that idea that you are actually listening to the coins and doing calculations in your head. You might want to practice it a few times.

But once you got that down …boy, there is no faster way to build attraction and intrigue with a girl. Women LOVES smart men.

And even if she knows that it was just a trick, you still seem like the smartest guy in the room. Like you know things that other guys don’t.

Major attraction spikes!

Anyway, if you want more cool trick like this to make you look like a complete badass …check this out.

This underground presentation won’t be up for very long and not a lot of guys will get the chance to watch it, so make sure you go watch the whole thing while you still can.

====>Click Here To Watch This Secret Underground Presentation

Until next time,

Johnathan M.



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