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Best Text Messages To Send To A Girl

So, do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with something interesting to text to a girl? If so, then you are going to love this video.

In this video, my friend Bobby lays out the one thing you should always aim for when sending a girl a text. I bet most guys never even think about this!

He’ll give you a whole frame work for how to think of killer text messages to send a girl that will practically get her addicted to your text messages.

This is good stuff, so make sure you pay close attention:

Best Texts To Send A Girl

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Here’s some important things to remember:

Focus on creating emotion in a girl using your text messages. Instead of thinking, “What should I write?” Ask yourself, “Which emotion do I want to create with my text?”

– Women LOVE emotion. And if you learn how to stir emotions in a girl, she can become emotionally addicted to you!

– Here’s some the emotional responses that you might want to stir in a woman: laughter, suspense, anger, confusion, anticipation, joy, disappointment, trust, or fear.

– Emotion are very powerful, even negative ones. For example, even though a girl might be angry at you, that means she is thinking about you. And you can channel that anger and turns it into sexual attraction.

Now if you’d like to get more great insights into how to text a girl, you need to go watch this other video Bobby has put up:

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Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

Until next time,
Johnathan M.


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