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Texting A Girl – What NOT To Do When Texting Girls


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OK, so you met a girl you like…got her number…and texted her right away and started a dialog (like I taught you in the last email…you did read it RIGHT?!)

Now, unless you slept with her that same night, at some point, you two will part ways and you’ll have to initiate  } contact with her again the next day.

I call this…the “NEXT DAY TEXT” and it is just as important as the very first text that you send her.

(Note: You can still apply all of the concepts that I’m  about to teach you…even if you didn’t text her right  away after getting her number like I told you to.)

3 Things You Should Never Do When Texting A Girl For The First Time

Before I get into how to write the perfect first text… I want to go over 3 MAJOR mistakes that I see TONS of guys make with their first text message.

Mistake #1: Trying To Make Plan On Your First Text To A Girl

Most guys send out first text messages that looks like this…

“Hey Debbie, it was great meeting you last night. Do you have plans tomorrow?


“Hey Sarah, it was really nice meeting you. Do you want to hang out again on Saturday?”

Unless she really likes you and you already gotten pretty far physically with this girl…this kind of text message is NOT going to work.

Remember, she JUST met you…and even though you two might’ve hit it off at first…she is still going to be pretty uncomfortable with the idea of meeting up with you for a “date” that could be VERY awkward.

HELL, you could be SERIAL KILLER for all she knows!

OK…calm…calm down…calm down…

I’m NOT saying that you ARE a serial killer…just that you need to “warm her up” through text messaging first.

Jeez…sensitive much?

Just build some comfort and attraction through text… and THEN go for the meet up…that’s all I’m sayin’.

Plus, once you have more of a connection with her…the date will go MUCH more smoothly…IF you even need one at all (if you know what I mean ;-)

(More on this in future emails.)

Mistake #2: Engaging In The “Interview Of Death” When Texting Girls

This one is a biggie and a lot (IF NOT ALL) guys fall prey to this son o’ a bitch. (Myself included…I’m not pointin’ fingers here.)

I call it…”THE INTERVIEW OF DEATH” *dramatic music*

It’s when you don’t know what the hell to talk about and so you resort to asking her a bunch of logical questions…hoping to find something that you can use.

The DISASTER of EPIC PROPORTION that ensues usually goes something like this…

You: “How’s it going?”

Her: “Fine. Just watching TV with my roommate.”

You: “Nice. What show are you guys watching?”

Her: “Grey’s Anatomy.”

You: “Oh, is that the one with all the doctors?”

Her: “Yeah, it’s like my favorite show”

You: “Cool. Have you seen every episode?”

Her: “Just about.”

You: “So what other show do you like?”

Her: “Sex and the City.”

You: “Yeah, that show is pretty good. Do you like to watch movies or TV better?”

Her: “I like movies.”

You: “Me too. You wanna go see one with me sometime?”

Her: (No reply)

You (in your head): FUCK!

See just how bor – Hey!…Hey!…wake up…WAKE UP GODDAMMIT!!!

Arrrg! As I was saying…see how boring that shit was?

I mean…if YOU are falling asleep…imagine what’s happening to HER.

This is the kind of text conversation that she gets (if she’s hot) ALL THE TIME.

Let’s all just take a moment of silence and feel bad for her…

OK, that’s enough.

What you want to do is make yourself stand out from the crowd. You want to incorporate emotions, humor, teasing and role playing into your conversation.

There’s way too much stuff to go over now in this email, but it’s all been laid out and explained in detail in this new course.

Make sure you go pick up a copy NOW:

Mistake #3: Going All “Oprah” On The First Text Message To A Girl

By “going all Oprah” I mean getting all emotional and laying out all your feelings in the first text.

I know…I know…you really like this girl and you want her to be the mother of your children…

Just try to keep that to yourself…at least for now.

You gotta remember that the girl you met at the bar or club that night is a totally different person now.

When she’s been out all night…talking to people… taken a few shots…she might’ve been all over you. Told you that she liked you…and MEANT IT.

But now that she’s on the couch in her sweat pants… watching TV after a long day at work…her emotional state is just NOT the same…and so she might not react the same way to your text.

So don’t be sending text messages like these…

“Hey! I’m really glad we met last night. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl like you before.” OR…

“I can’t believe how I feel right now. I’ve never felt this way about a girl before.” OR…

“I know it might sound kinda weird but I really feel a deep connection to you right now”

Will this stuff work SOMETIME? Sure.

But MOST of the time…that shit will FREAK HER OUT!

Plus, girls LOVE a challenge anyway. And they LOVE to be teased.

So if you “lay all your cards” out there too soon…you’ll stop being a challenge and she’ll lose interest.

So there.

Now you know 3 big mistakes that most guys make that you should never do.

Holy shit…this email is getting long.

I was going to teach you about the PROPER way to write a great “next day text” but I guess I’ll just save that for the next email.

For now, make sure you go pick up a copy of this super, awesome (and I do mean super awesome) text game guide.


It goes WAY more in depth and cover a bunch of other text game concepts that I just don’t have room to explain here.

Trust me…it’ll be the best money you ever spent. Go here NOW:

Talk soon,
Johnathan M.

P.S. Seriously, go get this shit. There’s TON more tricks and techniques in there that are way too advance for me to explain over email. For god’s sake…A MAN CAN ONLY TYPE SO MUCH!!!


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